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Jaime’s Favorite Pain Remedies…..




Do you like being in pain?  I don’t!  Pain can ruin your whole day and at worse take over your life.  Pain has a way of controlling your thinking and can affect your personality too.   I’ve had the sad pleasure of experiencing many different types of pain in the last 24 years, or so.  I’ve had torn hamstrings, a torn pec muscle, throbbing knees, a strained abdomen and many other issues from the profession I’ve been in.  Before I started eating totally Organic Food, and cleaning up what I put in my body…I would reach for the typical Advil and sometimes even resort to Sleep Aids at night just to ease the pain.  Even though this can take the edge off, the long term abuse of these toxic substances can wreak havoc on your liver.   What can a person do if they want to naturally help themselves with acute, or chronic pain? 

The Immune System of the body can be overactive and underactive.  It can lead to a variety of different diseases when it’s out of balance.  Whether you have a sports injury, a specific disease, mental stress, or not getting the right foods with sleep….your body can become inflamed and pain will set in. 

Over the last 5 years, I ‘ve educated myself more on inflammation than any other topic.  There are many ways to keep your body from feeling like it’s on fire and simple things to do at managing pain.  A lot of long term pain management will come through diet, exercise and sleep.  But, I’ve made a quick easy list of suggestions that you might want to try if you find pain creeping up within your body.  Give some of them a try and see if they help, before you find yourself with a toxic drug. 




According to the National Institutes of Health:

Magnesium helps normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis.”

WHAT JAIME DOES:  After a long day of massaging, coaching and my own workout…I will always have my Magnesium Powder in a glass of filtered water before bed.  It helps relax my muscles and I always sleep much deeper.  Works wonders for muscle spasms, headaches, soreness and menstrual cramps.


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Massage Therapy is by far one of those most beneficial ways in preventing and healing the body of pain.  Massage promotes oxygen to all your tissues in your body, helps promote the removal of waste products, reduces stress and anxiety.  There are many different types of massage that you can do depending on your goal.  If you’re looking to relax and zone out…a simple Swedish Relaxation works wonders for pain.  Mayo Clinic studies have shown the many benefits behind long term use of Massage Therapy and wellness.

WHAT JAIME DOES: I like to get a massage at least once a week.  If my schedule gets too crazy, than I will usually book a 90 minute massage every two weeks.  After my massage, I always feel like I can breathe better, my posture is more aligned, my skin looks brighter and my eyes aren’t glassy looking anymore.  The same day I get my massage, I always sleep like a baby.  Try and find a good Massage Therapist through a referral.  Sometimes it takes a few people to go through to find someone that’s qualified and good. 






According to many different studies, Naturopathic Doctors and some Allopathic Doctors…..Magnesium Deficiency is on the rise.  Stress depletes the body of it and most people do not get enough in their foods.  You may increase your magnesium levels through certain greens like Kale and Spinach if they’re organic.  Some signs that you’re deficient in magnesium are: headaches, insomnia, fatigue and PAIN. 

WHAT JAIME DOES:  After my shower, or bath I will apply Magnesium Gel/Oil all over my skin.  My body soaks up this mineral like crazy with all the physical demand I have on my body.  I try and increase my levels in different ways and I have noticed a big difference in inflammation reduction.   


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4.  Marshmellow Root-


This herb is no stranger to helping people through history with pain and inflammation.  It was used in Ancient Greece as well as many other cultures for it’s powerful healing properties. It may be used to heal the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract, also in healing the lining of stomach ulcers, urinary tract inflammation, and even stones in the urinary tract.  You may find it at Wholefoods, or your local Health Food Store.

WHAT JAIME DOES:  If I know that I will be working extra and I feel a little bit of soreness, I will add a few drops of this herb in between meals through out my day.  I’ve also had clients that have used it when they’ve had a urinary tract infection, and it seemed to decrease the pain dramatically within a couple of hours.  Try and see if it works for you.


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The feet are an amazing part of your body when it comes to pinpointing points of pain, or congestion in the body.  You have more than 7,000 nerve endings in each foot that constantly send messages through out your body.  Your feet take a lot of abuse from wearing the wrong shoes, being overweight and standing on bad surfaces.  Even just wearing shoes in general restricts circulation.  Massaging your own feet can work wonders for pain and help increase circulation to areas of your body that you’re unable to reach yourself. 

WHAT JAIME DOES:  If I feel any lower back pain coming on, knee pain, or even tension in my abdominal area…I will make time to massage my own feet in front of the television at night.  You don’t have to be a professional Massage Guru to hit some specific points in your foot to get some instant pain relief.  While some people may use essential oils to massage points in the feet, the best way is to use no lotion, or oil at all.  The best way is to use your own thumb and dig as deep and slow as you can starting at the heel and working in a line upwards towards your toes as slow as possible.  At the end of your foot massage you may place essential oils that work well for inflammation on the feet.  If you want to hit specific areas of the foot…check out the chart below to follow. 






The Essential Oil Peppermint is one of the oldest oils used dating back to the early Egyptians. Peppermint oil can be used for digestive issues, freshen bad breath, help with respiratory tract issues, and release tight muscles.  It’s also known to be a natural PAIN KILLER.  Many studies have shown pain relief from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and simple back pain with the use of applied Peppermint Oil.

WHAT JAIME DOES:  I recently just started using this oil in the last few months.  One night I went for a long run on a trail that had some up and down surfaces.  When I got home my ankles and knees felt a little inflamed.  I went ahead and massaged some of the oil around all of my joints.  Within 5 minutes I had instant relief.  Give it a try. 


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I’m a big fan of anything old and traditional when it comes to most things in life.  Especially, when it comes to healing and giving the body nutrients.  Castor Oil is the king of tradition!  It dates back to Biblical times and was used by healers for many different things.  Some used it to help with labor, bacterial infections and my favorite…INFLAMMATION.  There’s so much to write and say about this powerful gift that’s been placed on this earth, but I will save it for a whole article by itself in one of my next posts. 

WHAT JAIME DOES:  I will use Castor Oil on my abdomen area at night when I feel like I have back pain, emotional stress and menstrual cramps.  You may heat it and apply it to your Solar Plexus area, your whole abdomen and massaging all the way down towards your pelvic area. If you have menstrual cramps, you may also apply the castor hot packs as well, which will help ease pain.  Massaging the abdomen with Castor Oil will also help improve digestion and help improve any issues of constipation.  If you have anxiety issues, massaging around your Solar Plexus will help alleviate stress.  You may purchase packs and oil at Wholefoods, local Health Food Stores and online as well. 






If you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, have joint issues, stress and have any inflammation…you need enzymes!  There are 3 types of enzymes.  Food enzymes, digestive enzymes and systemic, or metabolic enzymes.  They’re essential for many different functions and chemical reactions in the body.  Without these special living proteins, we would suffer. 


WHAT JAIME DOES:  I have to admit, any inflammation that I’ve had in the past from exercise, work or mental stress….metabolic enzymes have come to my rescue.  I recently ran out of a bottle of these saviors a couple of weeks ago and I noticed a huge difference being off of them.  They will eat up any bad fibrin in the body and decrease inflammation like little Pac Men on a mission.  Systemic Enzymes work best if taken on an empty stomach.  I usually will take them early in the morning about 90 minutes before I eat anything in the morning. 

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Well, there’s my 8 top regimens that I use during the week for pain and inflammation.  I could probably list another 8, or more.  Keep in mind that eating foods that are healthy, clean and organic will help with healing your pain issues.  Don’t forget to sleep and drink good clean water.  I will be posting many more future articles related to pain and inflammation. I hope this article was helpful to you.  Don’t forget to click and share with friends who might benefit from this information.


God Bless!
























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