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Easy ways to increase your sex drive – naturally

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So, was it the word “naturally,” or the word “sex” that got you to click on this article? Don’t lie to me! I’ll take either – I’m just thrilled that you’ve decided to read this.


How many times do you think we’re exposed to subtle or overt sexual messages on a daily basis? A couple times? More than a handful? Sexuality is exposed a lot in American culture through ads on television, online and even magazines right at the check-out counter in the grocery stores. It’s undeniable – sex sells and it’s right in front of our faces.


Usually, we’re either drawn in by really young, attractive women or younger men who are tan and seemingly perfect. There’s also the other end of the spectrum with pharmaceutical advertisements targeting an older demographic. How often have you seen a commercial with a 60-year-old man riding a bicycle in a park with an attractive woman close to his age? As you watch, you begin to realize it’s not about the couple biking in the park at all. It’s about erectile dysfunction and the commercial is an advertisement for a drug by a toxic pharmaceutical company. As the couple smiles and continues to biking with the anticipation of this mountain-sized erection at the end of their journey, the drug company lists all the side effects of the drug once you’ve been baited into believing this is helpful and positive. I really wish they would show the end result and cumulative damage these drugs have on people who use them long term. Where’s that commercial?


The problem

Let’s be honest sexuality is a huge part of life and a big part of our health. I have a lot of married couples in my wellness business who have been married for years and truly do love each other. I have a lot of divorced clients who overwork themselves and don’t have time to date.  I also have younger clients under 35 years old who are taking all sorts of toxic, unneeded medication such as Cialis, and blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. A lot of these sexually-enhancing toxic drugs are being taken by men who should be healthy and are under the age of 35 years old.  I even heard from a close relative that a lot of his late 20-something male friends take many of these prescribed pills as well, and some even younger men are taking Viagra.


In my business, I’ve heard more than a handful of private information over the years that would make some of you crawl up a wall. Sometimes it’s entertaining and some of it’s really shocking (to say the least). There are also times where my heart goes out to people who are truly unhappy about the way they feel and are just caught up in a routine that they don’t know how to get out of. I can recall anywhere from my high school days and even up through my 20s and early 30s you would see more couples kissing in public – being affectionate and looking vibrant. Today, it seems most people are slumped over, running ragged, over weight and have an expression of anger and sadness on their faces.


Let’s fix this!

As I talk more to people over the years and have studied herbs, vitamins, exercise and massage, I came up with recommendations to help you feel better about yourself, which in turn will help increase your sex drive with your partner. What better way to get a simple natural dose of “natural Viagra” without having to actually take that harmful pill. You’ll also find a list of things that you might be absorbing into your body that could be disrupting your hormones – this applies to men and women.


Life practices that will decrease your sex drive

  • Overeating and eating heavy meats
  • No cardio and lack of weight training
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Drug use
  • Being around negative people
  • Lack of fresh air and sun
  • No nutrients in your diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Too many sex partners
  • Cumulative viewing of pornography
  • Tension in pelvic muscles or weak glute muscles
  • Consuming fake estrogens through food, plastics and chemicals
  • Bathing in chlorinated water daily
  • Too much stress or too busy
  • Built up emotional anger and stress


Ways to increase your sex drive naturally


  • Increase cardio exercise to at least four to six days a week, and for 30 minutes minimum.
  • Add in weight training a few times a week to increase natural hormones – squats are great for this.
  • Add garlic and ginseng to your diet.
  • Take out all processed foods.
  • Limit, or eliminate the use of birth control pills. Research has shown that they disrupt natural hormones and will decrease the sex drive of females.
  • Stop drinking out of BPA-filled plastics, bottles and cans.
  • Work less hours, if possible, or change a job that might be creating too much stress.
  • Book a relaxation, or deep tissue, massage to release tension.
  • Listen to music that relaxes your mind.
  • Eat lighter proteins like fish, turkey and beans.
  • Cut back on alcohol.
  • Do things that make you laugh.
  • Clean out your wardrobe and purchase clothes that make you feel good about yourself.
  • Watch a romance movie with your spouse or partner.
  • Talk to someone who will listen to your built-up emotional stress.
  • Change your shower’s water filter to remove chlorine.
  • Work on keeping your abdominal weight down.
  • Increase your sleep at night by getting to bed earlier.
  • Sit out in the sun to get some natural vitamin D.
  • Offer to do something nice for your spouse or partner which in turn changes the overall mood in your home.
  • Plan small mini-vacations to break up your routine.


I hope you review these suggestions, and consider what you can replace now with healthier practices. And, if I see an increase in public displays of affection, I’ll know a lot more people are reading my blog!

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With more than 24 years of diverse experience in the health and wellness industry, Jaime has
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