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Are the foods in your office making you fat?

I’ve been wanting to write about unhealthy office foods for quite a long time now.  For the past 20 years, I’ve been in and out of many different companies in the Tampa Bay area.  I get to see first hand what some people bring in as office snacks.  I also get to see what some Human Resource Departments order for company luncheons and even holiday parties.  The picture that’s posted as the main photo for this article was taken last month at an office that frequently has deserts in their break room.  Some of the employees at most offices battle weight issues and food addictions.  It’s almost like a bunch of alcoholics in one office all having a beer at lunch everyday.  Food can be addictive when it’s loaded with chemicals and sugar.

Today a lot of people are short on time and some just like the taste of junk food.  Unfortunately, when the majority of people are easily 30 pounds overweight and have to sit all day long…most office snacks fail in benefiting anyone.  Most office snacks are processed, high in sodium and have dangerous additives that will kill your digestive tract and lower your immune system overtime.  If you don’t believe me, well just keep eating it and see how you feel as you age.

What if someone is trying to be healthy and does have a food addiction to some of these devilish foods that are being brought into the office to tempt everyone?  What can you do to offer better options for yourself and for your fellow friends?  I have the answer…

I made a quick list of junk foods that I see in office break rooms on a regular basis.  I listed some options for some of you to try as an alternative that are made with organic ingredients and won’t leave any of you feeling bloated or sick.  Also, when you eat packaged foods or baking products that have toxic chemicals, you end up eating more then you should because the body knows what’s real food and what isn’t.



Bagels can be made with wheat flour or white flour.  If you happen to have a bagel with wheat that’s not organic, you’re not only absorbing the toxins from the GMO Crops it came from, but also absorbing phytic acid that happens to block calcium from absorbing in your body.  Plus, one average size bagel is usually loaded in carbs.  If you decide on having a bagel made from white flour, it’s highly processed and turns to sugar once in your body.  High sugar levels will make you more prone to diabetes.  If you’re sensitive to Gluten, stay clear of this bagel boy.  He will leave you feeling tired, bloated and possibly give you a bagel butt!

Jaime’s alternative choice to a bagel

organic bread

You can purchase Organic Bagels and Organic Breads at Wholefoods or at Trader Joe’s.  If you do have a wheat or gluten allergy, you may buy the Organic Rice Breads or even the Organic Sprouted Breads.  Check your options.  You may bring a whole bag into your office for under $8 dollar.  Don’t forget to bring your Organic Cream Cheese or Organic Butter.  It will taste so much better and people will follow your healthy lead.

2.)  Dumpster Doritos

dorito chips

Doritos are the Mother of toxic packaged foods.  If you eat these, than you’re a dumpster dummy!  Stop eating these and stop bringing them into office parties.  Doritos are basically maggots dressed up to look like tasty chips.  They’re loaded in Monosodium Glutamate, which can cause depression and headaches.  They have crazy artificial flavoring as well as Maltodextrin that will kill your intestines.  The GM Corn it’s made with will slowly eat away at your insides and eventually give you Leaky Gut.

Jaime’s alternative chip choice…

organic chips

You can purchase the Late July Organic Chips at most Health Food Stores and a lot of neighborhood grocery stores.  The corn used to make these chips is GMO-Free and Organic.  I usually find them on sale sometimes for $5 dollars for 2 packages.  They taste delicious too!

3.) Dirty Deli Meats


According to the World Health Organization, consuming processed meat is associated with small increases of Cancer.  Deli Meats are loaded with salt and nitrates.  Most of my clients who experienced migraine headaches were eating processed meats for lunch.  Once they gave those meats up, their headaches went away.

Jaime’s alternative…


If you have to eat Deli Meats, than choose the Organic Applegate Brand or any brand that uses more natural ways of processing.  If you’re doing a large platter of meat for an office, using the deli meats will be a lot more money.  In this case, I would buy a nice Organic Ham or Chicken to cook at home and bring into work on a nice platter with your own flavor.  If you’re eating just for one at lunch, than Applegate Organic Deli Meat is a better choice.  Keep in mind it still has high salt, but it’s a better choice than the conventional deli meats.

4.) Office Birthday Cake


Cake! Enough said!  Commercial bought birthday cakes are basically an invitation to an early grave on your birthday.  Most of these dressed up blobs of death are aimed at making you fat, sick and depressed.  Why?  Well, they have hydrogenated oils, tons of sugar, artificial flavoring and Bleached Enriched Flour.  If you have digestive issues, a fatty liver or even going through hormonal changes…eating a simple piece of cake like this in the middle of your day will not make you a happy person after you digest it.  Trust me, take a moment to smell your poop after you eat this blob of junk… and that’s if you’re even able to pass all of it through your digestive tract.  It might be a fun moment on the lips, but forever on the hips!

Jaime’s alternative……

whole foods cake

You can purchase your next office cake at your local Health Food Store, Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s.  Keep in mind you have to read labels.  Not all cakes at healthy places are all organic and have all healthy ingredients.  While some of these places will offer Gluten Free options, or less chemicals…you may also try and make your own cake at home.  Some of the healthy places and even your neighborhood grocery store will offer boxed organic cake mixes on the baking aisle. You can also up your game and buy the organic candles too.  My other idea would be for you to put together a nice bright fresh fruit platter.



5.) Lying Lean Cuisines


Where to begin?  High salt, disgusting conventional veggies that were sprayed down with pesticides, processed GMO Grains, toxic plastic that your food sits in until you heat it up and radiate your food even more.  Why eat this?  Seriously, you might as well stick your mouth up to the exhaust of a car.  Please don’t be this lazy!  It’s not smart to eat this by any means.  They sell you on the whole idea of convenience, low calories and low price.

6.) Porky Pig Popcorn (Microwaved)


We all know pigs are dirty and so is Microwaved Conventional Popcorn.  The Trans Fats will find their way into your arteries and the enticing smell that lures you from your desk into the break room is actually a chemical called diacetyl, which is a synthetic butter flavoring that they add to the product to trick you.  There’s also chemicals that line the bags of popcorn that are suppose to prevent the grease from wetting the bags.  These chemicals will mix into the popcorn you’re about to eat.  Harsh chemicals of this nature may cause thyroid issues and certain types of Cancers.  How good does this popcorn sound now?  Will you still by it despite the convenience, the fake taste and the low calories?  Remember, you need a healthy thyroid to have a balanced metabolism.  Think about it.

Jaime’s alternative…

You can purchase Organic GMO-Free Air Popped Popcorn in a bag and bring it to work with you.  You won’t have any of the early grave chemicals in your favorite snack and it will taste one hundred times better.  If you want to get a little creative, try buying an air popping machine from Walmart or Target.  You can pick up your Organic GMO-Free Kernels from any Health Food Store, Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s.  You can flavor it with Organic Non-Stick Olive Oil and Sea Salt.  There are hardly any calories and no harsh chemicals.  Your digestive tract and thyroid will be quite happy.  Below is a picture of the popcorn I purchase when I’m short on time.  The air popper I will use when I’m home watching a movie.  Try it!



air popcorn

There you have it my friends…6 of the top unhealthy toxic office foods.  I could name a few more that I see often, but I will save that for another post.  Try and eliminate things one by one in your diet and replace them with better choices.  Being healthy has to be done in steps.  I have faith in all of you that want to be healthier and who want to feel better.  Encourage yourself to be self controlled and encourage others to follow in your lead.  Everyone will benefit when everyone feels good.  Good Luck!


Jaime Arto


With more than 24 years of diverse experience in the health and wellness industry, Jaime has
dedicated her life to caring for and enabling people to increase their overall wellness.

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