Benefits of Quail Eggs verses Chicken Eggs

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Quail Eggs?  Really?


I’m always researching and trying new foods for myself, family, friends, blog readers and clients.  I like to use myself as the guinea pig and come up with an opinion on how it worked for me and what I’ve learned over the years through much Wellness Education.  I don’t believe one person could learn everything in a lifetime regarding the body.  The body is an amazing tool.  God has made the human body ready to receive the most natural nutrients from the earth to heal us when needed.  We just need to open our ears and eyes and be smart enough to seek it.

Quail Eggs.

I’ve spent a lot of years eating egg whites from Organic Chickens.  Organic Chicken Eggs are loaded with amino acids.  They have high levels of vitamins as well as selenium, calcium and zinc.  They’re also loaded in protein and are really easy to make.  But, sometimes one can get really bored by always consuming chicken eggs on a daily basis after so many years.

In the last few months, I decided to change up my egg routine and alternate by using Quail Eggs.  These tiny little fellows can pack a powerful punch of nutrients and have 4-5 times the amount of nutrients than chicken eggs.  When I started looking into the history of Quail Eggs I couldn’t believe it.  Asian Doctors have been using Quail Eggs for centuries and still do to treat or prevent many different diseases.

I was in my local Health Food Store not too long ago and decided to speak to my egg guy about Quail Eggs.  He had mentioned that most of the Quail Eggs they sell are always sold out within the first two days they arrive at the store.  I knew after he told me this, I had to jump up on my research and try them myself.

So what are the facts?

Quail Birds are very small mid-sized birds that can be found in the United States, Europe, Asia and North Africa.  They’re much smaller than chicken eggs, but you can consume a certain amount a few times a week to get the many nutritional benefits they provide.

Nutritional Benefits

Less acidic than chicken eggs

High in vitamin A which helps your vision

High in vitamin C to kill free radicals in the body

Helps prevent allergies because of the protein Ovomucoid, which is a natural antiallergenic.

Helps Cholesterol by having beneficial fatty acids by boosting your HDL, which is your Happy Cholesterol.

Detoxes the body by cleansing the liver and the kidneys.  If you have kidney stones, this is a great way to rid them from your body naturally.

Increases Sex Drive by having a dense amount of minerals and micronutrients that increase overall energy.

One cool fact…you can eat these raw just like Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky.  Quail Birds have a warmer body temperature than Chickens do, which in turn prevents bacteria from coming into the eggs.  You may mix the raw egg into a smoothie and consume all the raw nutrients right away.

Where can you find them?

You may check at your local Farmer’s Market, Health Food Stores and also private farms online that deliver.  If you’re trying to fight disease, need more healthy protein, have a toxic liver and can only consume less acidic proteins, have allergies, need to balance hormones, have kidney stones or just want to try something new….buy this little Super Bird!  God gave him a job and his job is to keep us healthy.  Try it!


My opinion on the taste of Quail eggs…I thought they tasted like heaven!  After the eggs were cooked in a pan like a small omelet, they were a beautiful bright healthy yellow and tasted like butter.  I would consider this a complete Super Food.  I’ve added this to my diet a few times a week.


Have a great week eating healthy and tasty foods!  Look for my next Quail Article on Quail Meat.  Don’t forget to share this post to someone who might need this helpful information.  God Bless and thanks for reading!

fullsizerender-74“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for You are my praise.” -Jeremiah 17:14

Jaime Arto


With more than 24 years of diverse experience in the health and wellness industry, Jaime has
dedicated her life to caring for and enabling people to increase their overall wellness.

Latest posts by Jaime Arto (see all)

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