I don’t like feeling sick!  Do you? 

It seems some people are more susceptible to getting sick during the flu season every year than others.  Do you know of anyone?  The drug companies like to instill fear in people.  Big Pharma banks on reaping the benefits from a person’s lowered immunity without ever truly helping them. It’s true.

I can’t seem to drive down any major highway today without seeing some “Flu Shot” advertisement or listening to one on the local radio station.  It’s almost like they have everyone conditioned in America to believe that this is the time of year to be sick.  There are a large group of people who actually don’t get sick and are brainwashed into believing that they their employer, or company they work for will insist on a flu shot.  It’s such a scam.

Are Flu Shots Healthy??

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) they publicly announced that in (2015-2016) the Flu Vaccine had only an 18 percent effectiveness rate.  Wow! Only 18 percent?  There are many articles listed online that all show factual data stating that Flu Shots come with twice the risk of getting other sicknesses. 

So why insist on everyone getting them?  There’s no public warning about risks or long term side effects and they still continue to push flu shots with no regards.  This kind of pisses me off.  Why do some people still receive them?  Well, a lot of people are too busy to look into it and trust their doctors.  I believe there are many people who aren’t aware of highly nutritious foods and natural herbs out there that can actually help them in the long run. 

Flu Shots are loaded in…..



I’ve been sick twice in 25 years.  Yes, that’s correct.  In my Wellness Career,  I’ve worked in bacteria filled gyms as a Trainer and Aerobics Teacher, as a Massage Therapist I’ve touched thousands of people that have coughed, farted on me, sneezed on me and sweated on me….and still to this day remain extremely blessed with my immunity.  How is this possible?  Well, I will share my top favorite list of practices that have kept me free from the so called “Flu.”  If I can do it, you can too.  It’s easy!
Jaime’s Flu Warrior List.

1. PROBIOTICS BY: Garden Of Life

probiotic-garden-of-life probitics-kids men-probitics







gol-11381-7 orange






















A quick summary….

The Probiotics will help build healthy bacteria and can be taken daily. The Oregano Oil will kill parasites, bacteria and viruses trying to make a house in your body.  Be sure to not take the Oregano Oil more than 7 days in a row.  Adding the onions and garlic will help build your glutathione production in your body which acts as the master antioxidant in cleaning up free radical damage.  Increasing your water will help cleanse your kidneys. Removing sugar and certain bad carbs out of your diet is important for a healthy Pancreas,  Adrenals and Digestion. Increase your Vitamin D for total immune support.  Decreasing coffee will help your body be less acidic, which causes less inflammation overall.  Increasing your sleep around stressful times will help your hormones stay balanced and make your liver happy. The Amino Acid Lysine can help your body absorb many nutrients like…. Calcium and help prevent your body from Anxiety.  Lastly, sweat more!  Sweating through cardio exercise and saunas is a wonderful way in keeping toxins cleansed out of your body on a daily basis.  If you work indoors, please consider this a priority in keeping your body from building up toxins. 


This article was dedicated to my friend Autumn from High School. 


God Bless!





Are your condiments making you sick?

Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo are the typical all American Condiments that are sleeping so quietly in everyone’s kitchen cabinet or fridge across the country.  These tasty little devils always await to be spread ever so sweetly across your bun or next hot dog.  It sounds like a dirty romance novel doesn’t it?  Well, it’s kind of dirty!  In fact, most brands that are used are loaded in salt, high fructose corn syrup and are considered GMO Products. They’re non organic ingredients come from genetically modified crops that have been sprayed down with the worse pesticides ever.  Pesticides shouldn’t be part of any great love story.  Especially, when you decide to unite your well done perfected hamburger with a cheap no good version of what could be.  It would be a tragic ending!

One night a long time ago… I had a close girlfriend of mine stay the weekend at my house.  I had a busy work week and wanted to pick up a few basic food items before she arrived.  When I was shopping in the grocery store that weekend, I had a hard time locating condiments because the store was so busy with shoppers.  So I decided to skip it and just get the essentials that I needed.  My friend and I had a fun weekend planned, which included an all night outing of Salsa Dancing.  We danced for hours that evening and worked up a big appetite.  As we drove home, I assured my friend that her famished appetite would be quite pleased by the Organic Eggs and Turkey Bacon I had waiting at home for her.  She rolled her eyes at me as I quickly raced passed the 24 hour McDonald’s… before she could turn head and force me against my will to stop!  As we entered the house, I ran upstairs to take a shower as she happily made herself breakfast.  After I was done taking a shower, I ran back downstairs to see how her food was.  To my surprise, my friend was upset sulking on the couch.  I asked her what was wrong.  She yelled at me in a friendly tone “YOU HAVE NO KETCHUP!”  I asked her what she did with the organic eggs and bacon she made.  She said she tossed them in the garbage without eating them because “I HAD NO KETCHUP!” 

Apparently, I have friends that are very serious about their ketchup. 

How serious are you about your condiments?  Do you have to eat every piece of meat with mayo, mustard or ketchup?  It’s quite okay if you do.  I can honestly take condiments with or without my food.  But, if I do purchase these products…I will only buy Organic GMO Free Brands.  The healthier brands won’t increase your blood pressure by having less salt and sugar.  The organic brands taste better as well.  I don’t find the pricing drastically different on organic condiments verses conventional ones.  If you’re wanting to slowly eliminate chemicals from your diet…starting with ketchup, mayo and mustard is a quick and easy thing to do.  Most grocery stores offer the options.  I like to buy any of the Annie’s Organic Condiments.  They have everything from mayo, mustard, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Try and see.





Heinz also puts out Organic Ketchup and Mustard.




Fun Facts.  Did you know?

One teaspoon of hot mustard will boost your metabolism 20 to 25 percent for several hours after consuming it.  Mustard Seed also may help alleviate headaches because of the mineral magnesium that’s in it.  Magnesium is usually very depleted in most people today and is needed to perform over 300 functions in the body.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  If you begin to eliminate chemicals little by little…you will start to notice improvements with your own health slowly each day.  You can do it!


Here’s me eating organic egg whites with no ketchup!  LOL.








The 5 minute Pasta Salad (Gluten Free)




Have you ever picked up a quick meal from the Deli Department at your local grocery store?  Deli Departments offer some tasty side salads to pick up for a quick lunch, or even to have as a weekend side dish.  It’s easy and convenient. Easy and convenient sometimes may come with a price if you’re not cooking it yourself.  Why?  Well, it’s loaded in fat, bad starches, sugar and chemicals.  My 5 minute pasta salad is the exact opposite of any store bought pasta salad.  My salad is loaded in nutrients and taste.  It’s high in fiber, vitamin C, high in protein and low in calories.  I don’t want to toot my own horn…but, I personally think it tastes incredible.  Once you make this, you will probably include this in your meal plan quite often.  Try it and see.  It’s LOW IN CALORIES!






1 cup of Organic Andean’s Dream Quinoa Pasta Shells

1 tablespoon of Organic 365 Vegan Mayo

1 cup of Organic Kale chopped

2 Organic Green Scallions chopped

1/2 of Organic Cucumber chopped

1/2 of Organic fresh lime squeezed

1/2 of Organic Red Bell Pepper chopped

3 to 4 Organic Bella Mushrooms chopped

4 to 5 pieces of chopped fresh Organic Cilantro

dash of sea salt



Boil a small pot of water for your Organic Quinoa Pasta.  Pull out your Kale, Scallions, Cucumber, Mushrooms, Pepper and Cilantro.  Wash, dry and chop all veggies on a cutting board.  Once water is boiled, add in your Quinoa Pasta.  Cook until “Al dente.” I would say it takes about 5 to 6 minutes tops if boiling on high heat.  Drain Pasta.  Add pasta to a nice size serving bowl.  Add in all your veggies and mix with spoon.  Add in your mayo and fresh lime.  Add in your salt.  Ready to serve.  That’s it!  Easy!

Purpose of Dish:

Cilantro helps with detoxing heavy metals out of the body.  The Quinoa Pasta is loaded in amino acids, low on the Glycemic Index, higher in fiber and affordable to make.  If you have gluten issues, this would be for you.  The Kale is high in magnesium, which is good for people who have high stress levels.  The Mushrooms are beneficial to your bladder because of the selenium in them.  Red peppers help to brighten your skin and are loaded in Vitamin C.  Want to stay young looking?  Eat Organic Red Peppers.



FullSizeRender (171)FullSizeRender (145)






If your food could talk



Today’s cartoons and animated movies are pretty incredible compared to some of the older ones I watched back in the day. Although, Looney Tunes could give some a run for their money based on the writing alone. I was always amused at the characters: Bugs Bunny had a New York accent and his own house, and Sylvester the cat had a wise mind of his own as he was always trying to kill the little talking mouse.




Recently, I watched Ratatouille, a movie from 2007 about a talented rat who has a dream of becoming a great chef. Basically, he gets a job in a five-star restaurant where he makes all of these delicious meals hidden under the chef’s hat of a young boy. When I watch animated movies, I begin to think about how creative the writers are as they bring life-like qualities and personalities to these animals. It made me think, “What if our food could speak to us? Would it have accents, a sense of humor and human qualities?” Wouldn’t that make food shopping so much easier and more entertaining?




When I’m grocery shopping, I stalk people’s shopping carts to get an idea of what they’re buying for the week. I always see a lot of canned and boxed items, and very rarely see a lot of fresh foods. So, that leaves me to ponder the difference between what boxed foods versus fresh foods would say if they could talk. What would the pork say to people as they’re walking around? What would the packaged potato chips mouth off about? Would the cookies flirt with you as you’re walking around the store? I think so. I think the more toxic foods would seduce, lie and charm their way right into your digestive tract! If you knew the food was lying to you, would you still buy it?


I believe that food is medicine. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is still the forefront of truth in regard to what you eat and how it heals your body. Today’s conventional medicine has ignored, or steered away from, practical truths that hold much foundation in how the body heals and maintains balance through whole organic foods. Fast food commercials and drug companies have become a mainstream toxic reminder of what they think we should put in our bodies to cut calories and be healthy. Of course, a lot of what is sold to us is driven by convenience and money.


So how can we develop a mindset that helps us think above all this toxic information? How can we begin to look at our food in a way that reminds us of what affect it will have on our bodies from the moment it touches our lips? One idea is to Google fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats as you’re shopping to see their health benefits. If you happen to pick up a packaged snack or meal, check out the ingredients list and Google the top five to see how they can negatively affect your health long term. Also, consider grocery shopping when you have extra time and the store is least crowded to give yourself ample time to research and make better choices. And, always shop on a full stomach since we tend to make worse choices when we’re most hungry, or even stressed.


Making healthy food and having a good relationship with what’s on your plate will not only help you in your daily life, but also prevent disease in the future. Who knows, maybe Bugs Bunny will appear in your kitchen with a carrot in his mouth saying, “What’s up, Doc?”


Happy shopping and God bless,



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FullSizeRender (271)

I like to eat with a purpose.  Do you know what my purpose is?  I will tell you.  I like to eat food that has a variety of taste, provides energy, is simple to make and doesn’t leave me bloated.  The other day I came home from work and was a little tired.  I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and I wanted to make something simple and healthy.  I looked in my cabinet and pulled out some Olive Oil and Garlic Salt.  I went into my fridge and noticed I had soaked some Green Organic Split Peas the night before.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them and just decided to be creative.  The dish I came up with is high in fiber, high in iron and high in magnesium. It’s perfect for slimming down your tummy if you’re feeling bloated from eating any meats or high salty foods.  I thought….why not share it with all of you.  It’s cheap to make and I know you will love it!



1 cup of organic green split peas

1 tablespoon of organic olive oil

1 quarter of white organic onion chopped

4 small organic mushrooms chopped

1 small Roma Tomato chopped

1/2 cup of organic cilantro chopped

1 cup of organic spinach

1/2 organic lime squeezed

1/2 teaspoon of organic garlic salt

4-6 drops of sriracha sauce

1 ounce of organic feta


Be sure to soak your peas the night before in a small bowl with filtered water.  Pull out your onion, mushrooms, tomato, cilantro and spinach. Wash and dry all your veggies.  Chop onion, mushrooms, tomato and cilantro into small pieces.  Heat a medium pan with olive oil on medium high.  Once pan is heated, place onions and mushrooms into pan.  Mix into olive oil and reduce heat to medium.  Add in your cup of peas, tomato, cilantro and spinach.  Mix altogether for about a minute.  Add in your fresh squeezed lime and garlic salt. Cook for 2-3 minutes and shut stove off.  Place food on a nice plate and decorate with Sriracha Sauce and Organic Feta Cheese.  Serve right away.  Dish may be eaten cold as well for the following day.  You may take this dish to work and put it over a bed of romaine lettuce without having to heat it again.

Purpose of dish:

This dish is great for anyone who needs to increase their fiber intake.  One serving of Green Split Peas has 26 grams of fiber.  That’s enough to satisfy most of your daily fiber for the whole day.  It also has 25 grams of protein.  Wow! I think you should go buy Green Split Peas. If you’re feeling fatigued and have low energy, this dish can help you.  Remember…eat with a PURPOSE!

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FullSizeRender (272)

FullSizeRender (273)

FullSizeRender (150)

FullSizeRender (229)



FullSizeRender (268)



Are the foods in your office making you fat?

I’ve been wanting to write about unhealthy office foods for quite a long time now.  For the past 20 years, I’ve been in and out of many different companies in the Tampa Bay area.  I get to see first hand what some people bring in as office snacks.  I also get to see what some Human Resource Departments order for company luncheons and even holiday parties.  The picture that’s posted as the main photo for this article was taken last month at an office that frequently has deserts in their break room.  Some of the employees at most offices battle weight issues and food addictions.  It’s almost like a bunch of alcoholics in one office all having a beer at lunch everyday.  Food can be addictive when it’s loaded with chemicals and sugar.

Today a lot of people are short on time and some just like the taste of junk food.  Unfortunately, when the majority of people are easily 30 pounds overweight and have to sit all day long…most office snacks fail in benefiting anyone.  Most office snacks are processed, high in sodium and have dangerous additives that will kill your digestive tract and lower your immune system overtime.  If you don’t believe me, well just keep eating it and see how you feel as you age.

What if someone is trying to be healthy and does have a food addiction to some of these devilish foods that are being brought into the office to tempt everyone?  What can you do to offer better options for yourself and for your fellow friends?  I have the answer…

I made a quick list of junk foods that I see in office break rooms on a regular basis.  I listed some options for some of you to try as an alternative that are made with organic ingredients and won’t leave any of you feeling bloated or sick.  Also, when you eat packaged foods or baking products that have toxic chemicals, you end up eating more then you should because the body knows what’s real food and what isn’t.



Bagels can be made with wheat flour or white flour.  If you happen to have a bagel with wheat that’s not organic, you’re not only absorbing the toxins from the GMO Crops it came from, but also absorbing phytic acid that happens to block calcium from absorbing in your body.  Plus, one average size bagel is usually loaded in carbs.  If you decide on having a bagel made from white flour, it’s highly processed and turns to sugar once in your body.  High sugar levels will make you more prone to diabetes.  If you’re sensitive to Gluten, stay clear of this bagel boy.  He will leave you feeling tired, bloated and possibly give you a bagel butt!

Jaime’s alternative choice to a bagel

organic bread

You can purchase Organic Bagels and Organic Breads at Wholefoods or at Trader Joe’s.  If you do have a wheat or gluten allergy, you may buy the Organic Rice Breads or even the Organic Sprouted Breads.  Check your options.  You may bring a whole bag into your office for under $8 dollar.  Don’t forget to bring your Organic Cream Cheese or Organic Butter.  It will taste so much better and people will follow your healthy lead.

2.)  Dumpster Doritos

dorito chips

Doritos are the Mother of toxic packaged foods.  If you eat these, than you’re a dumpster dummy!  Stop eating these and stop bringing them into office parties.  Doritos are basically maggots dressed up to look like tasty chips.  They’re loaded in Monosodium Glutamate, which can cause depression and headaches.  They have crazy artificial flavoring as well as Maltodextrin that will kill your intestines.  The GM Corn it’s made with will slowly eat away at your insides and eventually give you Leaky Gut.

Jaime’s alternative chip choice…

organic chips

You can purchase the Late July Organic Chips at most Health Food Stores and a lot of neighborhood grocery stores.  The corn used to make these chips is GMO-Free and Organic.  I usually find them on sale sometimes for $5 dollars for 2 packages.  They taste delicious too!

3.) Dirty Deli Meats


According to the World Health Organization, consuming processed meat is associated with small increases of Cancer.  Deli Meats are loaded with salt and nitrates.  Most of my clients who experienced migraine headaches were eating processed meats for lunch.  Once they gave those meats up, their headaches went away.

Jaime’s alternative…


If you have to eat Deli Meats, than choose the Organic Applegate Brand or any brand that uses more natural ways of processing.  If you’re doing a large platter of meat for an office, using the deli meats will be a lot more money.  In this case, I would buy a nice Organic Ham or Chicken to cook at home and bring into work on a nice platter with your own flavor.  If you’re eating just for one at lunch, than Applegate Organic Deli Meat is a better choice.  Keep in mind it still has high salt, but it’s a better choice than the conventional deli meats.

4.) Office Birthday Cake


Cake! Enough said!  Commercial bought birthday cakes are basically an invitation to an early grave on your birthday.  Most of these dressed up blobs of death are aimed at making you fat, sick and depressed.  Why?  Well, they have hydrogenated oils, tons of sugar, artificial flavoring and Bleached Enriched Flour.  If you have digestive issues, a fatty liver or even going through hormonal changes…eating a simple piece of cake like this in the middle of your day will not make you a happy person after you digest it.  Trust me, take a moment to smell your poop after you eat this blob of junk… and that’s if you’re even able to pass all of it through your digestive tract.  It might be a fun moment on the lips, but forever on the hips!

Jaime’s alternative……

whole foods cake

You can purchase your next office cake at your local Health Food Store, Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s.  Keep in mind you have to read labels.  Not all cakes at healthy places are all organic and have all healthy ingredients.  While some of these places will offer Gluten Free options, or less chemicals…you may also try and make your own cake at home.  Some of the healthy places and even your neighborhood grocery store will offer boxed organic cake mixes on the baking aisle. You can also up your game and buy the organic candles too.  My other idea would be for you to put together a nice bright fresh fruit platter.



5.) Lying Lean Cuisines


Where to begin?  High salt, disgusting conventional veggies that were sprayed down with pesticides, processed GMO Grains, toxic plastic that your food sits in until you heat it up and radiate your food even more.  Why eat this?  Seriously, you might as well stick your mouth up to the exhaust of a car.  Please don’t be this lazy!  It’s not smart to eat this by any means.  They sell you on the whole idea of convenience, low calories and low price.

6.) Porky Pig Popcorn (Microwaved)


We all know pigs are dirty and so is Microwaved Conventional Popcorn.  The Trans Fats will find their way into your arteries and the enticing smell that lures you from your desk into the break room is actually a chemical called diacetyl, which is a synthetic butter flavoring that they add to the product to trick you.  There’s also chemicals that line the bags of popcorn that are suppose to prevent the grease from wetting the bags.  These chemicals will mix into the popcorn you’re about to eat.  Harsh chemicals of this nature may cause thyroid issues and certain types of Cancers.  How good does this popcorn sound now?  Will you still by it despite the convenience, the fake taste and the low calories?  Remember, you need a healthy thyroid to have a balanced metabolism.  Think about it.

Jaime’s alternative…

You can purchase Organic GMO-Free Air Popped Popcorn in a bag and bring it to work with you.  You won’t have any of the early grave chemicals in your favorite snack and it will taste one hundred times better.  If you want to get a little creative, try buying an air popping machine from Walmart or Target.  You can pick up your Organic GMO-Free Kernels from any Health Food Store, Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s.  You can flavor it with Organic Non-Stick Olive Oil and Sea Salt.  There are hardly any calories and no harsh chemicals.  Your digestive tract and thyroid will be quite happy.  Below is a picture of the popcorn I purchase when I’m short on time.  The air popper I will use when I’m home watching a movie.  Try it!



air popcorn

There you have it my friends…6 of the top unhealthy toxic office foods.  I could name a few more that I see often, but I will save that for another post.  Try and eliminate things one by one in your diet and replace them with better choices.  Being healthy has to be done in steps.  I have faith in all of you that want to be healthier and who want to feel better.  Encourage yourself to be self controlled and encourage others to follow in your lead.  Everyone will benefit when everyone feels good.  Good Luck!






What are all of you going to drink this weekend? Will it be a glass of Wine, a Beer, a mixed drink perhaps?  All of us like to unwind when it comes to the weekend.  Alcoholic beverages tend to be at the top of the list after a hard work week.  What if you’re trying to cut calories on your new diet and find it challenging in a social setting?  I mean who wants to be left out when it comes to hosting a party at your own house!  I was speaking to a friend not too long ago who was trying to clean up her diet.  I asked her what she thought to be her most difficult obstacle in preventing success with her health.  She mentioned that her and her husband have the neighbors over often and a lot of the women easily drink at least a bottle of wine in one night on their own.  I couldn’t believe it when she told me.  I would literally be under the table if I drank that much wine.  My body would also pay for it the rest of the week by feeling fatigued and bloated.  Who wants to feel like that?

We all know there’s a ton of calories in alcoholic beverages.  Most people don’t stop at just one drink either.  One glass of wine can carry up to 225 calories depending on the size of the glass.  Mixed drinks can have 3 times as much and are loaded with sugar and chemicals.  So what can you do to still be the life of the party and not seem like a big prude?  I have a trick for you…..

You can make everyone think you’re drinking by making yourself Jaime’s famous Watertini!  I believe a lot of eating and drinking is social, and half the time we really don’t want to be drinking what we’re drinking.  It’s all about the presentation too.

Grab yourself a really cool Wine Glass, or Martini Glass… and write down the simple ingredients below.  Start saving yourself some calories now.  If you consumed 3 glasses of wine every weekend for two months…..that’s almost 3,000 calories a month….that’s almost 2 pounds of added weight in 8 weeks.  I’m not even counting how much it’s causing your Liver to slow down either.  Think about that.


FullSizeRender (266)


1 small glass of Evian Water

1/2 teaspoon of Raw Organic Honey

1 1/2 of fresh Organic Mint chopped or whole

1/2 Organic Lime squeezed

Mint is an herb that you can purchase in your produce section of your grocery store.  Mint actually promotes healthy digestion and weight loss.  It also can freshen your breath.  The Organic Raw Honey is loaded with enzymes and minerals.  Fresh Organic Lime also helps with digestion, urinary disorders and ulcers.

There you have it my friends.  Try it out and see how your night goes.  I bet your skin will look better, your waistline will be trimmer and your budget will be tighter with a WATERTINI!







God Bless!






How many of you have walked passed the monstrous looking scale at your grocery store?  You know deep inside you should step on it, but you dodge it in fear of what it might read or who will see you.  How many of you eat out twice a week and assume Caesar Salads are low in calories?  How many of you walk 4 days a week and assume that’s enough exercise despite eating more calories than you can burn off?  Do you actually know how many calories you’re taking in and burning off everyday?

Guessing calories over so many years can turn into unwanted belly fat.  How many of you are shocked and in disbelief when you can no longer fit into your baggy jeans, or when your doctor tells you that you’re 50 pounds overweight?  How did it get to that point you wonder?

It’s very easy to get lost in time.  I mean who wants to walk around with a food scale all the time or a food calculator?  What’s it worth to you if you took a few months to actually document your calories?  What’s the worse thing that could happen?

According to the Surgeon General’s Report, Healthy People (2010), more than 50 percent of the causes of premature death in this country are attributable to lifestyle choices.  Many of the health behaviors that increase long term risk of death, such as smoking, inactivity and poor eating habits, can have more immediate and very important near term impact on health, absenteeism and productivity compared with more frequent but less serious illnesses such as colds, flu or injuries.  Isn’t that amazing and so simple to understand?

I will be the first to admit I love food and I love to stuff my face!  Yes, I can turn into a ravenous beast when it comes to good food.  I’m thankful I’m in the Wellness Field.  It keeps me accountable.  After all these years, I still monitor my calories because I know my behavior sometimes will influence me to make the wrong choices.  Stress and rushing around can contribute to poor food choices and consuming more than you need.

What are some Lifestyle Indicators that will impact your health numbers and lead to possible disease?  Here are a few indicators listed below according to the last class I was in presented by the World Health Organization.  Check them out.

Lifestyle Indicators:

Physical Activity

Tobacco Use

Dietary Fat Intake

Fruit Intake/Vegetable


Alcohol Intake

Seatbelt Use

If 50 percent of premature death is by personal choice, than what can you do to increase your quality of life and life expectancy?  I think you should start by knowing your numbers.

Weight and Calories-

Weighing yourself on a weekly basis and monitoring your daily calories through is the easiest way to keep track of your weight and what you’re taking in without hiring a Personal Trainer.  You can purchase an affordable scale at Walmart or Target.  Weigh yourself once a week to keep yourself in check.  Keep in mind this won’t show you lean muscle mass verses body fat ratio, but it will give you an idea of how many calories you should be taking in and what you need to burn off based on your weight.  Try this so you’re not in the dark anymore. It’s very simple to do.


Biometric Screening:

You can get this screening done through your doctor or even a private lab in your local area if you don’t believe in going to doctors.  The screening can be whatever you choose it to be.  The typical screening consists of the following:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Blood Glucose
  3. Total Cholesterol-HDL Ratio
  4. Triglycerides
  5. Weight

Don’t like to weigh yourself?  How about measuring your waist circumference?  A high waist circumference and too much abdominal fat puts you at high risk for type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.  It means you need to lose weight.  I had a client tell me that she felt great because she was doing Yoga.  I’m all for people stretching, but she was 80 pounds overweight and had a tremendous amount of belly fat.  She needed to add cardio to her diet and monitor her food calories.  Abdominal fat consists a lot of Visceral Fat and Visceral Fat will restrict your organs and makes you more prone to disease without a doubt.  If you’re doing Yoga that’s wonderful, but please make cardio an important part of your exercise regimen to decrease and prevent abdominal fat. Knowing your waist circumference, gives you a way to track your body composition before, during, and after your weight loss efforts.

A high-risk waist circumference is:

  • A man with waist measurements over 40 inches (102 cm)
  • A woman with waist measurements over 35 inches (88 cm)

To measure your waist circumference, use a tape measure . Start at the top of the hip bone, and then bring it all the way around-level with your navel.  Make sure it’s not too tight and that it is parallel with the floor.  Don’t hold your breath while measuring it.

waist line measure pic

These are all easy ways for you to monitor your progress and get an honest plan in going forward about your health.  Good luck!

Here’s the one of very few pictures I will share with you of me eating like a complete animal.  I was eating in the city of Boston.  I was enjoying my vacation and someone wanted to catch evidence of me eating totally off my diet.  I did make my eating partner that day walk 10 miles after!  Enjoying life in balance….

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Have you ever met a Turkey who was stressed out?  I have!  I had this friend who happened to be a Turkey.  His name was Frank.  Frank was about 39 years old and he had worked since the age of 12.  Frank was a simple Turkey who had a good job and a good family.  He worked in the city for the last 20 years of his life.  Frank drove from the suburbs to his office in gridlock fighting traffic everyday.  He drove 90 minutes one way each morning.  When he arrived at work he would sit in a very small cubicle punching the clock feeling stressed out.  Frank was thankful he had a good job and he had food on his table.  But, for the last couple of years something was stirring in Frank’s little Turkey heart.  He wanted to have more of a purpose and he wanted to do something really great with his life.  One day on his way home he noticed a new advertisement on the side of the road.  It read “Looking for healthy lean Turkeys to donate their time on an Organic Farm.”  Frank took the number down and called the next day.  Before the end of the month, Frank had enrolled himself in a Turkey Boot Camp.  All his expenses were paid and his family was well taken care of.  The camp included daily exercise in a free roaming grassy field during the day, massages at noon, organic GMO-free corn for dinner and a comfortable bed to sleep on under the stars at night.  Frank knew that the world was headed in the wrong direction and he wanted to sacrifice himself for the good of all humanity.  Frank knew that too many people across the world were eating bad meat filled with too many chemicals and were becoming sick from all types of Cancers.  Frank knew his time in life was short.  He felt honorable donating his now chiseled Turkey body that was high in protein and lean in fat.  How tasty he knew he was going to be to someone who needed him.  This recipe is dedicated to Frank. He sacrificed so much time in the gym and eating the right corn.  Let’s remember Frank and give his recipe a shot.  (Photo is of Frank below.  R.I.P)



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3-4 ounces of Organic or Natural Turkey Breast chopped small pieces.

3-5 sprays of Organic Olive Oil Non-Stick Spray

1/2 of Organic White Onion chopped

1 Whole Organic Scallion chopped

1 cup of Bean Sprouts

1-2 servings of Organic Marinated Artichokes in a jar

1 tablespoon of Organic Parsley by Simple Organics

1 to 2 teaspoons of Sriracha Sauce

1/2 Organic Lemon squeezed


Pull out a nice size cooking skillet or Wok.  Wash and clean your Turkey Breast.  Dry turkey and cut on cutting board into small pieces.  Take out your onion, scallion and bean sprouts.  Wash your scallion and bean sprouts.  Chop your onion and scallion into small pieces.  Heat your skillet on medium high.  Spray skillet with Non-stick Olive Oil.  Place onion and scallion into heated pan.  Brown onions.  Add in your turkey pieces.  Cook turkey until no pink is showing.  Add in your bean sprouts and mix for a few minutes.  Add in your marinated artichokes and parsley, mix with cooking spoon.  Lower heat to low temperature and add in your Sriracha Sauce.  Lastly, drizzle your half lemon over the top.  Total meal should only take you 15 to 20 minutes at the most.  Serve on a nice plate and enjoy.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find all Organic Turkey in some grocery stores.  Try and find the second best if that seems to be an issue by purchasing from a company that’s free of hormones and antibiotics. When purchasing bean sprouts, be sure to make them within two days.  Bean Sprouts tend to go bad quickly.

Purpose of dish:

The purpose of this dish is to feed your muscles lean protein without it being difficult to digest.  The onions contain sulfur, which helps your liver to make glutathione.  Glutathione is your master antioxidant and acts as your head clean up crew in your body.  The Parsley is high in Vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Parsley also helps regulate your blood pressure.  Turkey is high in zinc and iron.


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God Bless!







Don’t let your clothes wear you


A few months ago, I was watching the classic movie, “Gone With the Wind.”  I’m sure most of you over 35 years old have seen it at least once replayed on television (shame on you if you haven’t – watch it with some friends!). Aside from the film’s historical significance, the dresses and other costumes are amazing.






During one scene, the main character, Scarlett O’ Hara, was in the bedroom with her servant who was putting on her corset. Back then, women wore corsets under their dresses to lift their breasts, make their waistlines appear smaller and they have even been used through history to help correct posture. I’ve always loved the way a corset enhances the female body and admire some of the extravagant styles throughout European and early American history. 


In the 1930s and through the 1940s, my grandmother and her generation wore girdles under their clothing with the same purpose that the corset had years before. Beautiful pictures of perfectly-fitted A-line skirts that gave women sleek looking frames graced most of the fashion scene at that time. When I take a closer look at some old pictures of my female relatives, a lot of them didn’t exercise or diet as my generation does now. My family lived in the city of New York, walked a lot and always seemed to be eating whatever they pleased. In fact bread, pasta and cheese was on their menu most days. Despite the fact that they ate whatever they wanted, they still looked incredibly stunning and slim – with smiles on their faces.   (My Grandparents and family in photos below.)


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For me and most of my friends, growing up in the 80’s and part of the 90’s, MTV was a big deal. Supermodel Cindy Crawford was everywhere and hosted a show, “House Of Style” –  remember  that? Every now and then,  if I wasn’t listening to a music video,  I would stumble across her show. She covered the latest clothing styles and trends and gave suggestions on what she thought people should do with their wardrobe. I will never forget one statement she made about picking clothing styles for your body type. The gist of it was that everyone has a different body type and a different personality, so why be uncomfortable in something that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself? She said, “Don’t let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes.”  I have never forgotten that quote, and always try to remind myself when buying clothes that just don’t fit my body type.  (Cindy Crawford back in the day on “House of Style” in photo below.)




How many of you have bought jeans that are too tight or skirts that don’t lay right around your posterior? How often do we buy material that makes our frame look larger than what it actually is? We end up buying these types of clothes, wear them and then possibly feel miserable or less confident about ourselves. When we choose the wrong clothes for our body type, it leaves us in a bad mood and challenges our thought process of how we feel about our bodies. What can you do so your clothes don’t wear you? How can you look put together at work and when you’re being social?  Let’s start by being honest with yourself.






For me, that means I don’t buy “skinny” jeans! Why? Well, I work out a lot and have muscular legs. Skinny jeans would make me look like I had big thighs, when I actually have muscular ones. So, I don’t buy them even though that’s what’s in style these days. What about when you feel bloated? Don’t wear form-fitting clothes on those days. Instead, try to dress for comfort and you won’t be reminded of how bloated you feel. Living in Florida, where it’s warm most of the time, skin-baring styles exist year-round but that doesn’t mean those styles are the best for your body type. Choose outfits that enhance your strong points and leave you feeling confident no matter your size.


In the sauna at the gym the other day, I overheard another personal trainer speak to her female client who was slightly overweight and in her 50s. She said, “It doesn’t matter what size you are right now, you need to make the choice to be happy no matter what stage of life you’re in. Being healthy should be your main goal – not worrying if you will be a size four.” I loved hearing that! We can be hard on ourselves, and I find myself doing it every now and then as well. We’re exposed to so many images daily of what size society thinks we should be (it’s madness to say the least). Collectively, we have more important things to worry about in life than to focus on constantly seeking vanity and trying to portray an image that is approved by all people. 


So when it comes to your clothes, classy and comfortable wins over trendy any day. The next time you go shopping, keep Cindy’s advice in mind and I think our grandparents would agree!