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Water and weight loss 


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While flying high above the clouds, you can really see how amazing and vast the Atlantic Ocean is. Have you ever had the chance to see it this way? Many years ago, I was on a trip to Europe flying over the Atlantic Ocean in the evening. It was during summer and there just so happened to be a full moon. The stars were shining so bright and the light of the moon encompassed the whole ocean with its beaming energy. I was in total awe of its beauty.


This had me thinking about how much water makes up the earth.  According to Universe Today, water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface, while the other 29% consists of continents and islands. Think about that. It’s funny, because our own human bodies are comprised mainly of water as well, with about 75% being water – depending on age – according to the World Health Organization. Did you know that a slight decrease greater than 2% in water consumption may lead to increased core temperature, decreased aerobic performance, increased heart rate, cardiac strain and impairment of cognitive function? Our bodies need water so much that they will only survive for a few days without it.


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Dehydration can lead to everything from mild to life threatening consequences because water regulates body temperature, metabolism, blood volume and assists with liver function. Even though all the other functions are needed, your metabolism will slow if the body is dehydrated – resulting in fatigue and less desire to be physically active. Thirst is not a good indication of your body’s hydration. Typically by the time you’re thirsty, you’ve already reached a dehydrated state. So how much water is enough?  A formula I use for someone who isn’t working out and has an average fairly sedentary lifestyle is the consumption of at least half their body weight in ounces. This formula has been around for a long time and was most recently posted through the World Health Organization standards. If you consume higher protein, exercise often or enjoy an hour-long deep tissue massage, your water intake may even double the suggested amount. And, of course, if you work outside and sweat a lot, extra hydration is also important.


There are so many chemical-filled and calorie-laden drinks on the market today. One of my corporate wellness clients has a room in the office filled with every kind of toxic soda and energy drink you can imagine. Every time I use the room, I picture myself opening the caps to all the sodas, diet sodas and bad waters and dumping them down the drain just to save everyone the toxic consumption! In the past, when working with clients, I always made a suggestion to start with alleviating all calorie-laden drinks such as sweet teas, sodas, juices, alcohol and sports drinks. Most people that took on the drink challenge lost about a pound a week without making any other changes to diet or exercise. One pound a week is a lot if you look at it over a three-month period.


There are many ways to get clean water today. You can consider purchasing a reverse osmosis system for your house, and buy BPA-free bottles to fill your water for the day. Keep in mind that the reverse osmosis system does pull a lot of minerals out of the water along with toxic substances, so purchasing alkalizing water tablets at your local health food store is probably a good idea. You want your body to be in an alkaline state to prevent disease. Try to balance that with your water intake. Today, most grocery stores sell BPA-free plastic bottles with water that is alkaline if you’re unable to install a water system in your home. I know some of you in the past, including myself, have purchased distilled water, which helps remove impurities from the body. However, the down side is the plastic bottle that it comes in, and you can almost always taste the plastic is these.


Drinking more water can help by:

  • Improving the flow of digestion
  • Improving skin tone
  • Decreasing appetite since you feel more full
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Preventing bloat if consuming too much salt
  • Cleansing out toxins and assisting your kidneys

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I hope you leave this post inspired to eliminate, or decrease, toxic fluids from your diet. Think about increasing your water intake according to your body weight and activity level, shoot for the most alkaline water possible with BPA-free bottles to avoid fake estrogens, and consider starting your day out by drinking one glass of clean water with a freshly squeezed organic lemon in it. This will help promote liver function early in the morning. Now go have a drink of water on me!


God Bless,


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Is your Mother a Hen?  I hope not!

Mother’s Day is approaching right around the corner.  What are all of you going to do?  Will you take Mom out to dinner, or will you put together a special dinner for her at your house?  I have some clients that own restaurants all across the country.  They say that Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the busiest days of the year.  So why not be different and make Mom something healthy, tasty and intimate at your house?

Organic Cornish Hens are so easy to make it’s silly!  I don’t eat much chicken anymore, but when I do…I usually will pick up a Cornish Hen at Wholefoods.  I find that Cornish Hens have a little bit more flavor than regular chicken. They’re also loaded with amino acids, minerals and are high in Omega-3s.  I love this dish and will usually make it with a nice size salad and organic red potatoes on the side.  Your Mother gave birth to you, so I think she deserves a nice Organic Cornish Hen with some love!  Try it out.



1 whole organic Cornish Hen

1/2 organic red onion chopped

1 tablespoon minced organic garlic

1 tablespoon of organic simply fresh parsley

1 whole organic lemon squeezed

1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt


Thaw your bird the night before in the refrigerator until ready to cook.  Preheat your oven to about 425 degrees.  Rinse and clean your bird.  Pat dry bird and place in a ceramic cooker, dutch oven, or a deep pan.  Slather the bird with lemon.  Take your salt and rub deep into bird. Glaze minced garlic over the bird.  Chop up your red onion and season on top of bird. Pull out your kale.  Rinse your kale and pat dry.  Chop kale into smaller pieces.  Place kale all around bird.  Sprinkle parsley to finish.  Cover with foil and punch holes in foil.

Cook Hen for about 15 minutes on 425.  Reduce the temperature to 350 degrees, cooking until pink is gone and all juices run almost clear between the breast and leg.  Check at 30 minutes to see if fully cook.  Remember to baste juices as you keep checking.  Once Hen is cooked, pull it out and let it cool on top of stove for 5 to 10 minutes.  Serve with salad and red potatoes as a fun side dish.

Note:  This meal should take you up to 40 minutes to cook.  You will get a lot of flavor from the garlic and lemon alone.  The meat will turn out with much juicy flavor.

Purpose of Dish:  This dish is meant to change up your typical chicken dinners.  The high Omega 3 fats are wonderful for your joints and balancing hormones.  Cornish Hens are loaded in protein and will satisfy your digestion right away.  Save any left overs for the following day to add to a nice fresh salad.  Enjoy!
















The benefits of milk thistle

Have you ever heard of milk thistle? I’m in love with this powerful herb. A couple of years ago, I suffered from very high levels of stress from a few unfortunate emotional experiences. I lost my dog, who died unexpectedly, just got out of a toxic relationship, and was working way too many hours. I ate an all-organic clean diet, exercised my whole life, and thought of myself as the bionic woman of health who never got tired, or ever got sick. How that changed! I was so wrong.  My body and God were about to show me that wasn’t true.


None of us are above, or exempt, from bad circumstances in life. My liver, digestion and gallbladder all took on the brunt of any emotional stress I was feeling. Whatever sadness, anger or stress I had manifested deep into my organs, especially my liver. Anything I ate caused tremendous amounts of discomfort and left me baffled because I ate so clean for all these years. I was in denial about my emotions. Finally, after much pain and agony, I had to be honest with myself and my feelings. I had to find ways to regenerate emotionally, physically and spiritually. One of the regimens that I used in detoxing my body was organic non-GMO milk thistle. Every morning, I would get up and drink a whole glass of water with lemon. After my water, I would take milk thistle on an empty stomach, and let that sit for a bit while I got ready for work and before I ate breakfast. Before long, the inflammation in my liver dissipated over time.


It truly was amazing and a blessing to know that we have these healing herbs all around us. We just have to learn about them and study what their purposes are for us. After you read some of these amazing benefits, you will more than likely stock up and have this available in your home and make it part of your regimen as well.


Our poor livers

Having liver inflammation today is so common. A lot of people I talk to have been or are on some form of prescription drugs. If they’re not on prescription drugs, they’re using night aids to go to sleep like Advil PM, or use Tylenol for simple back pain that is loaded with acetaminophen, which is really toxic and damaging to the liver. Some people have lowered immune systems from certain viruses and have had long-term damage to their livers. There are some women that have taken oral contraceptives for many years, which has caused liver stress, as well as exposing themselves to our estrogen-dominant environment through non-organic GMO foods, plastics, cosmetics and household chemicals.


Not only does the liver take on stress from all these unhealthy practices, but it also takes on any emotional feelings of anger and distress. I just want to give the little guy a hug. Our livers are so important and put up with so much! I think it deserves a break, don’t you think?


Important liver functions

Below are just a few of the important jobs of your liver, and they’re pretty important. If you have a sluggish liver, you may show signs of fatigue, bloating, intolerance to high protein, have nightmares, insomnia, acne, hormonal imbalances (especially higher estrogen), anxiety, vertigo, excessive thirst, slower digestion, pain, constipation, memory problems and resistance to disease.


  • Filter’s blood from your digestive tract
  • Detoxes any chemicals
  • Metabolizes drugs
  • Secretes bile
  • Makes proteins for blood clotting


There are a lot of things you can do to slowly detox the liver as far as “lifting the load” from this three-pound organ. One of the regimens to regenerate the liver is by using milk thistle. This herb has been well documented and used for more than 2,000 years. The Romans and the Germans both used it for liver problems as well as bile regulation. During the 1960’s, researchers isolated some complex chemicals from the herb’s seeds that had pronounced liver-protecting properties. Today, many holistic doctors and wellness advocates recommend the use of milk thistle to protect the liver from many different toxins and from the use of drugs and chemicals. It is certainly recommended for chronic liver disease, polycystic liver disease, estrogen dominance, viral hepatitis, liver cysts and different types of liver cirrhosis.


According to the National Cancer Institute, silymarin (a compound found in milk thistle) protects liver cells from damage caused by alcohol and acetaminophen (the ingredient in Tylenol), and protects the liver by preventing toxins from entering cells by revving up enzymes that detoxify those toxins in the liver. Silymarin can also protect liver cells during chemotherapy and it appears to boost the effect of certain chemo drugs. I’m amazed by how powerful this herb is. So far, in all my research, there are no contraindications associated with taking this herb.


So where can you buy good quality milk thistle if you’re unable to grow it? You’ll find it in health food stores, vitamin shops or online. I buy from Wild Harvest, who offers certified organic and non-GMO milk thistle. Make sure to purchase a product that contains a minimum of 70 percent silymarin. The general dose is typically 210 to 420 mg per day.


I believe the liver should be detoxed slowly. Most of us have accumulated over time many toxins so we should approach the detox with much discipline and should take the time to do this little by little through sleep, organic food and herbs. Look for future posts on healing foods for the liver and remember, the liver is the one organ that can regenerate itself. So what are you waiting for?  Get started and God Bless!





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The Turkey crosses the road?

I must share with you a funny story about an afternoon I had with my Mother some years ago.  I live in a community where wild life is quite abundant.  We have an array of different animals ranging from alligators, coyotes, raccoons, deer, snakes, bobcats and wild turkey.  During the Spring time all the animals are quite active going about their business. Sometimes I might catch a gator chasing another gator out of a pond, or even a bobcat looking into my window wondering what I’m cooking for dinner!  One day my Mother came over to take an afternoon walk with my dog and I.  The sun was shining bright and the Spring Florida weather was perfect for a stroll.  We set out for a 2 mile walk that day with my dog by my side, and a slight breeze in the air.  As we made it closer to our destination away from some of the homes in the neighborhood, we came across a very large pack of turkeys.  My Mom was shocked to see so many turkeys in a large group.  There must have been at least 20 turkeys all basking in the sunshine.  As the turkeys were enjoying their afternoon gathering….the head turkey who was quite large and masculine in stature had noticed my Mom and I walking by. For some reason, he didn’t like the looks of us and decided to alert all his other friends.  Before we knew it, my Mom and I began running as all 20 turkeys chased after us!  I hate to admit it, but I left my Mother in the dust!  I looked back laughing at her and told her this was the exact reason why doing cardio is so important!  You just never know when you will be chased by a pack of turkeys!

So what about my recipe?  Let’s get to it!

I’m not a big beef eater and turkey seems to make it into my kitchen several times a month.  I like to buy lean Organic Ground Wild Turkey and also Turkey Breast Tenderloins.  For this recipe I used Turkey Breast Tenderloins.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find all Organic Turkey in the grocery stores.  I know Wholefoods in my area sells out pretty quickly.  If you find it hard to locate all Organic Turkey….try and at least purchase Pasture Raised Turkey and Antibiotic Free, unlike the conventional raised Turkey that are given antibiotics on a regular basis, which can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria.  This may lead some people into developing superbugs, which can threaten your health in a large way. 

Turkey is lower in calories than most meats and high in selenium.  If you’re buying Pasture-raised turkeys, they will typically have higher Omega-3 content than factory farmed turkeys.  So why not buy the better one?



4 ounces of turkey breast tenderloin cutlets

1 whole organic egg

1 cup of gluten free bread crumb

4 sprays of organic non stick olive oil

1 1/2  cup of organic arugula

1/4 cup of organic goats feta cheese

3 roasted organic red peppers in a jar

1 organic lemon


Wash your Turkey Tenderloins well under filtered water.  Dry the meat with a paper towel.  Take out two bowls.  Crack one organic whole egg into bowl and blend yolk into white of egg with fork, or whisk. Take your bread crumb out and pour about 1 cup into second bowl.  Take your turkey and dip it into egg wash front and back.  After dipping turkey into egg, take turkey and place in bread crumb bowl. Let the bread crumb saturate the turkey front and back making it fully breaded.  Heat a small pan on medium/high and spray your non stick olive oil in pan.  Once pan is heated, place breaded turkey into pan.  Lower heat to medium and cook until pink of meat is gone and turkey is brown.  Take your arugula out and wash it with filtered water.  Dry arugula and place on the side of a plate.  Take your feta cheese and measure out 1/4 cup to sprinkle, or grade over top.  Place your finished turkey beside your arugula salad.  Take out 3 to 4 roasted red peppers out of jar and place on top of turkey.  Finish dish off by squeezing fresh organic lemon over the whole dish.  Enjoy!

Note:  This meal takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook.  You will not need any dressing.  The lemon and goat cheese will provide enough flavor.  The arugula is a nice crisp mint flavor.  Also, I listed two healthy choices of bread crumbs that you may choose from in the pictures below. 

Purpose of Dish:  This dish has many benefits.  Turkey is high in selenium which is what your liver loves.  We need a healthy liver to have a healthy metabolism.  The goat cheese is high in sulfur.  The arugula is loaded in vitamins and minerals, which will leave you energized as opposed to feeling weighed down after a meal.  If you’re looking to get more protein, this is your dish!  Enjoy!


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Once while at a conference, I was listening to a pastor speak about how men and women are different when it comes to how they perceive their own physical appearances. He said when a woman wakes up in the morning and looks at herself in the mirror, she automatically zeros in on any flaws that she thinks she might have. However, when a man does the same, he’ll take a brief look, smack himself in the belly and say, “Yup, I still got it,” and go about his day without a care in the world! Men and women can be hard on themselves about their physical appearances at any age. Our society is so driven to look at the exterior, that sometimes we get caught up in trying to fix the outside before fixing the inside.


The inside of the body can suffer tremendously when lacking sleep, over-exercising, exercising for the wrong body type, eating the wrong foods, suffering mental stress at work, drinking too much alcohol, lacking sunshine, being involved in toxic relationships or not laughing enough. Your body craves the positive side of all these things to stay in balance, and all can affect your weight and leave you prone to disease.





Trends and your health

We’ve been trained in this country by advertising to focus on calories and pay no attention to anything else related to our health. That’s why our fitness industry and weight loss products are some of the biggest scammers today. I’m disgusted when I think about it.  For years at the gym, I’ve watched inexperienced personal trainers with little nutritional knowledge give overweight and stressed menopausal women workout plans that will only stress their bodies more and prevent them from true success with their health. I’ve listened to clients tell me how a local doctor is putting hundreds of people on a 700 calorie a day diet with injections to reach their weight loss goals without addressing or educating them on food quality, hormones and behavior changes. In some cases, it’s these same types of doctors marketing these dangerous scams that have caused many people to suffer strokes and have lifelong weight issues after the temporary weight loss.


I’ve also observed people obsessively juicing without realizing the side effects of heavy metals and toxins that are being removed out of the tissues of their body too fast, which can be extremely dangerous. Another popular trend that has been around for a long time is an all-protein diet (and eating no carbohydrates). For some, this will work in the beginning until they begin to have liver and gallbladder issues from previous use of prescription drugs that already posed high stress on their liver. For some people, the high protein intake is too toxic to the body, especially the kidneys as we age. It can cause high ammonia levels and very slow digestion if not consuming enough water and fiber to pass it through the body. The other end of the spectrum are people who become vegan and lack vitamin B12 and iron in their diet. Some don’t take in enough complete proteins to heal tissues in the body, and I’ve noticed they have higher rates of depression and flaccid muscles.


We have a wave of constant information out there for people to absorb, but many are running around like a ship without a sail when it comes to their health. So what can you do to take charge and get anchored? I think you should start from ground zero. Who knows you better than you? First, I would take time to know what your body type is, before leaving a 12-hour work day all jacked up on Starbucks and headed to a CrossFit Class in gridlocked traffic. Don’t be a rat on a wheel without ever getting anywhere with your health because you’re working against your body! Save time and money by listening to your body for once and taking the time to know what it needs.


What’s right for me? 

When we’re all born, we are born with a certain amount of assigned fat cells in our body. Yes, read it again. Some people are blessed through their genealogy to have less fat cells from the start than others. But, there are benefits to every body type. If you lined my extended family up in a picture, you would think you were looking at a row of meatballs! If I didn’t know how to treat my body, I would be a large meatball sitting here right now. The meatball in me is always hiding and can appear at any time it wishes, if I stop taking care of myself. As we age, it’s up to us to keep those fat cells from growing. Also, if we don’t eat right, we can produce new fat cells that will gladly join up with the old timers that are already having a fat party inside of us. We can also produce more fat cells if we have higher estrogen levels in our body. If we have high stress, which will cause our stress hormone to rise and keep us off balance by storing fat when we’re trying to burn it. It can be a vicious cycle, especially as we age and lose muscle mass.


The three body types

If you know your body type, you will be able to be realistic and educate yourself on what eating plan works best for you. You will know what workout fits better based on your schedule and body type. Most gyms that have group fitness classes are not tailored to a specific body type or age. I’m all for exercise and people moving, but most that start an exercise and diet plan will not even consider long-term success and what their body type needs. Everyone needs to take into account their stress level, their quality food intake, their age and most important their body type. It’s a simple place start and it will save you time and money. All body types have some positives and negatives.





Ectomorph: lack of muscle and fat

  • Long limbs
  • Thin build
  • Small joints
  • Narrow hips and clavicle
  • Stringy muscle bellies

Ectomorphs can fit really nicely into skinny jeans. They typically have a harder time putting on and keeping muscle if they don’t have the right amount of protein and a good weight training program. They don’t have to do as much cardio and usually even a short distance works well for them to keep the heart healthy without sacrificing weight, or muscle.


Mesomorph: more muscular

  • Wide clavicle
  • Narrow waist
  • Thinner joints
  • Long and round muscle bellies

If you’re a mesomorph and workout a lot, you may still appear heavier in clothes, while you might have lower body fat with a consistent workout routine. Mesomorphs can put on weight very easily if they’re off their healthy eating plan. The good thing about this body type is it can build muscle very quickly with weights. The downside is that they have to eat a lot cleaner, because of how fast body fat can appear.  I’ve seen some clients that used to work out a lot who still appear muscular, but have accumulated a sheet of body fat that just lays over the muscle like a blanket. I always recommend that mesomorphs keep their diets clean and cardio is a must to maintain good health and lower body fat. Weight training all depends on someone’s goal and lifestyle, but is important to maintain muscle and keep bones strong.




Endomorph: more body fat

  • Blocky
  • Shorter limbs
  • Thick rib cage
  • Wide and thicker joints
  • Hips as wide or wider than clavicles

Endomorphs tend to have a larger and more dominant amount of body fat, and have to work harder than most. They typically should incorporate different types of cardio workouts ranging from high intensity on some days, to steady state on others and switch back and forth as often as possible. Weight training could be done with moderate weight and more of a high intensity circuit or giant sets. Their diets should be clean all the time.


So there you have it: the three body types that God has assigned us. Now examine yourself and your genes to figure out which you fit into. Don’t be discouraged, but be encouraged that this is the first part of knowing what you can work with and what your body will need from here. Don’t hesitate to reach out – I would be more than happy to answer any questions for you based on my experience and knowledge. God Bless

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Serendipity Café in Dunedin, Florida…..


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My Kitty knows when I’m up to something.  She will sleep with one eye open and keep her nose in all my business.  She knew this particular day I was on my way to meet a special friend for lunch at Serendipity Café. With my busy schedule running my business, I always try and plan ahead for dates with family and close friends.  Sometimes life can get really busy, and we may find ourselves slowly disconnecting from the people we care about most.


                                                            FullSizeRender (203)


As all of you know, I rarely go out to eat.  But, when I do…I try and search out the healthiest restaurants and privately owned ones if possible.  I recently did a post on another restaurant that’s also healthy in Dunedin, Florida, called Ohana Cafe.  I would have to say we’re slowly getting more and more healthier options in my town.  I hope all of you are as well!  Please email me if you do, and I would be more than happy to post something on your healthy place in your town.


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What did my friend and I eat that day?  We both started out with an Organic Veggie Plate and Homemade Hummus.  I ordered a fresh cold Organic Tea as I chated with my friend about her week.  For the main dish, I ordered a Gluten Free Portabello Mushroom Wrap that was melted in a special Organic Sauce. I had a side order of Organic Cole Slaw that was nice and crunchy.  On the side, I had some Organic Red Potatoes.  My friend ordered this Gluten Free Pasta dish that was decorated in bright Organic Kale, Green Capers and White Beans.  We both couldn’t resist the desert.  I ordered this unforgetable Organic Almond Protein Packed Sweet Bites with Hot Organic Green Tea.  My friend ordered this splendid Almond Gluten Free Brownie with Organic Coffee.  It was perfect!  It was a memorable lunch in our busy lives. 


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I’ve never caught a fish, but I did catch a kid! 

I love traveling up to North Carolina and North Georgia during the Summer months. I love to hike and kayak up there often with family and friends.  It’s become quite a tradition over the years.  One particular Summer, someone had convinced me to fish on one of the rivers up there.  I was excited to fish, because there were very few times in my life that I had the chance, and actually had caught anything.  My friend and I happily loaded all of our fishing gear up and set our mission upon a local fishing hot spot.  As we were fishing on this beautiful crystal clear river, there happened to be some young kids not too far from us swimming nearby.  As I was casting my line in hopes of catching a really nice size trout, I waited patiently for something really big to bite.  After only 5 minutes of fishing, sure enough I had a tremendous size tug on my line!  I started screaming at my friend…”I caught something!”  He came running over and kept yelling at me to reel in my line.  So I did!  As I was reeling in my line, I noticed the line was extremely heavy!  Was it a giant trout?  No it wasn’t!  I heard a young kid screaming as I was reeling in what I thought to be a huge Olympic size fish.  To my surprise, it wasn’t a prize fish at all!  Instead it was the kid I was reeling in!  My fishing hook got caught onto the bathing suit of the kid!  Needless to say, I never caught my trout that day! 

So what about Salmon?  Many of us live too far from Alaska to catch our own Wild Salmon.  But, a lot of us do have grocery stores that sell it.  Salmon is loaded in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, E, B6, A and calcium.  It’s wonderful at protecting your heart, improving blood vessel function and great for rheumatoid arthritis.  So what not give it a try? 

I came home from a long day of work and I put together this really quick and simple Wild Salmon dish over a bed of Organic Romaine.  This dish only takes 7 minutes at most.  It’s quite tasty too! 


3 ounces of Wild Salmon

2 cups of Organic Romaine Lettuce

2 sprays of Organic Non-Stick Olive Oil

3 sprays of Liquid Aminos by Bragg (Soy Sauce Alternative)


Make sure your Wild Salmon is defrosted the night before.  Wash Salmon under filtered water.  Dry with napkin.  Cut into small cube sized bites.  I try and leave the skin on if possible.  Heat your Wok, or small pan on medium high heat.  Spray pan with Non-Stick Organic Olive Oil Spray. While pan is being heated, wash off your lettuce with filtered water.  Dry your lettuce with napkin.  Place chopped lettuce onto a plate.  Take your salmon and place in heated skillet.  Cook until most pink is gone.  Place cooked salmon on bed of lettuce.  Spray Liquid Aminos over the top.  Ready and serve!

Note:  Some people like to eat their salmon raw, or close to raw.  I usually will cook mine all the way.  Please buy “ONLY WILD SALMON.” 

Purpose of Dish:  This meal is beneficial for anyone battling inflammation in the body.  Salmon works wonders for people who are suffering from bladder issues, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, depression issues, joint problems, skin problems and weight issues.


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Lazy Low-fat Simple Shrimp Recipe



If you’re a lazy cook and like Shrimp…no problem! 




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During my early years we lived in Long Island, New York.  My Mom would always have a fresh pot of Italian Sauce cooking on the stove every weekend.  Along with the fresh aroma of the homemade sauce, we would always have some kind of seafood.  We would always have shrimp and clams around.  My brother and I grew to love seafood at a really early age.  Today it can be hard to get clean fresh seafood wherever you live.  I always try to buy my seafood local and wild.  I always avoid Farm Raised at all costs.  When you buy your fresh fish, you always want to cook it as soon as possible without having it sit too long in your fridge.

Shrimp is so easy to cook.  You don’t have to be master chef to whip up a shrimp dish.  Shrimp I believe has so much natural flavor on it’s own, adding too much to it sometimes takes away it’s real taste.  Shrimp is really low in calories, high in protein and even can help fight inflammation. If you’re trying to eat lighter foods and cutting back on meat, Mister Shrimp is your guy! 

The recipe below I use when I’m in a rush and craving something salty.  You can even have this as a snack and not feel like you’ve over done it in your waistline.  3 ounces of shrimp provides up to 20 grams of protein per serving.  That’s amazing!  Now go to the store and pick up some of these friendly little guys and make yourself a quick list of what you need.  Good luck!



1/2 of an Organic Avocado

3 ounces of Wild Shrimp Raw

2-4 sprays of Organic non stick Olive Oil Spray

1 teaspoon of Organic Parsley

1 cup of Organic Quinoa Shell Pasta (It’s Gluten Free)


Wash all of your raw shrimp in a strainer in the sink.  Peel off tails.  Dry shrimp on a paper towel. Boil a small pot of water for your Quinoa Pasta Shells.  Once water is boiling, place shells in hot water.  Cook until al dente. (cooked but firm to eat.)  Heat a small pan on medium to high.  Spray pan with Non-Stick Olive Oil Spray.  Once heated, place shrimp in pan. Lower heat to medium and cook until brown. Add in your cooked pasta with the shrimp and mix.  Sprinkle parsley over the top.  Once cooked, place food on a nice dish.  Cut your half avocado into small pieces and mash in between shrimp/pasta.  If needed, spray one more olive oil spray over the top of dish to make moist.  That’s it!  So easy!

Note:  This meal takes only 15 minutes to cook. Try and have a nice soft avocado in your dish.  The avocado with the shrimp makes a nice combo. 

Purpose of Dish:  This dish works well for people who are cutting sugar, anyone who’s on a tight food budget, anyone who has a hectic schedule and gluten sensitive people.  This dish is high in protein, zinc, selenium, amino acids, B12, choline and also iodine.  Like any food, enjoy everything in moderation.  Try this dish once a month and always try and switch up your meals. 


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Did you read the title of this post correctly? Read it again. Sun, sex and sleep for better health. Any questions? I have some answers.


We live in a world that requires most of us to work long hours with long commutes to work. Once we get there, we’re stuck sitting indoors all day under bright florescent lights. When the day wraps up, we get back into our cars, pick up our kids, run errands, make dinner, clean the house, prepare for bed and pass out only to wake up early enough to repeat over the next day. Is this you?


Maybe you’re a single person with the same schedule or don’t have any kids, but still have endless deadlines and chores?  By the time the weekend comes around, you’ve overcommitted to more chores, family socials and maybe even working a bit to catch up from the week. So, when do you have time for some sunlight, sex, or even extra sleep?


These three things are vital to your long-term health and it’s easy to forget to make them part of your healthy lifestyle. Based on what I’ve heard from clients, and what I’ve done myself, here are some thoughts to change and benefit your physical and mental well-being.


The Sun



I live in Florida along with all of my clients. During the summer, and even in winter, it’s easy to get the slightest bit of sun just by walking to your car (they don’t call us the Sunshine State for nothing!). But, there are some of you who live in colder climates that don’t get to see natural light most of the year, or there are some of you who live in Florida but spend most of your time indoors. Either way, without any kind of natural light, your body can respond negatively in many different ways.


Your body is always good at telling you the truth if you just take a moment to listen to it. It can respond through insomnia at night, make you feel more depressed and fatigued, or cause your hormones to be imbalanced – which can affect your metabolism and ability to absorb other nutrients. Vitamin D3, naturally provided by sunlight, is so important for your many bodily functions. Throughout your body, you have little vitamin D receptors around all your cells just waiting for some love from the sun, and your body absorbs it best naturally this way.


I work indoors most days during the week under very low lighting, which is even worse. I’m not able to see much daylight unless I leave early enough from work to drive home with my sun roof open. In the past, I noticed that I wasn’t making it a priority to get outside on the weekends and was feeling more aches, pains and depression setting in. Although I eat really well, I was lacking sunshine. This year, I started taking three days a week to sit outside with a good book for at least 20 minutes. I usually go out after 2:00 p.m. when the sun tends to be less strong. When I get home, I notice several things. Most importantly, I slept better on the days I was outside. My sleep was much deeper, I felt my mood lift and my muscles felt less tight in addition to just feeling better overall.


When can you get out in the sun? Can you take the dog for a walk during the day before the sun goes down during the week? Can you clock out of work a bit earlier during the summer months to get a few extra minutes outside? Try arranging your weekend plans to where there is some relaxation, or even something fun outside to get some sunshine. Your body will thank you.


Sex (or massage)




When I attended massage school we studied the “Failure to Thrive Syndrome” study based on infants in an orphanage during World War II that had no physical contact. The study’s findings came to be from a group of infants without any kind of skin-to-skin contact, compared to another group of infants that were held more and massaged 15 minutes a day. The infants that were touched developed in many positive ways physically, mentally and emotionally.


I’ve seen many of my clients walk into my massage room all stressed out and filled with anxiety. After their appointment, their blood pressure appears lower, their breathing is better, their posture improves, their eyes have more clarity and their mood is so relaxed.


We live in an environment today where noise pollution exposes us to many different forms of the news through the internet, cell phones, computers, traffic and negativity at work – all can lead to really high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Massage is perfect for lowering your stress hormone. If you’re in a healthy relationship, sex is a very natural activity as well for the same benefits. A lot of couples today are so overworked that sex is last on their priority list. On the flip side, if you’re single, no affection or intimacy can wreak havoc on your emotional well-being.

That’s why I always recommend that my single and elderly clients get a massage as often as possible. Sex, touch and massage all release the hormone called oxytocin – also known as the cuddle hormone. It’s secreted by the posterior lobe of your pituitary gland and is like a pea at the base of your brain. As with all your hormones, it’s important to keep this in balance.


Go book that massage right now and give yourself something relaxing to look forward to. After I receive a really good massage, I feel so at peace with myself and the world. I’m able to handle stress during the week a lot better and my thought process is much more positive. Plus, it can take years off your face if you look happier. If you have that special someone, get creative and set the stage for a love session with the right environment for quality sex. Take time to light some candles, play some good music, make a healthy meal, put away your phone and have no time limit. You will appreciate each other and feel better about yourself and your partner. Forget about responsibilities for a moment and take care of yourself now.






Oh, how all of us need sleep! Some studies I’ve read in the past have mentioned you need seven hours of sleep each night while others insist you need eight to nine hours. I think that all depends on the person and what stage they’re at in their life, although common sense tells me that most of us need at least seven hours every night.


Most of my regular clients are all sleep deprived. I can tell in their moods, faces and by their health. If you work a lot, exercise, have kids and a high-stress job, then sleep should obviously more for you than someone with less responsibilities. If you’re a woman between the ages of 35 and 60, I think you need extra sleep compared to a man because of all the different hormone changes.


During the week, sleep has always been a challenge for me because I always come up with more chores to do … all the way up to lying in bed with my computer. I really have to discipline myself to get into bed earlier and put certain things on hold for when I have more time. When we don’t get enough sleep, it makes us more prone to inflammation, hormonal imbalances and premature aging. We don’t treat others as nicely and our work performance goes down. It can dramatically affect our metabolism as well. Do you know your liver likes to repair itself between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. every morning? What if you’re still awake at that time? By the time you wake up, you will feel sluggish because your liver wasn’t able to filter out what it needed to because you decided to check that one last extra email. I know, your liver practices tough love!


So what can you do to get better, and more, sleep? Tidy your bedroom, clean your sheets and make it darker. Keep the television and computer away from your room. Drink calcium and magnesium tea before bed to help relax your muscles. Get into bed an hour before you sleep to unwind. Play nature sounds. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time during the week as much as possible. On the weekends, try to sleep in and don’t use an alarm clock or take a nap for extra rest. When you get more sleep, your adrenal glands won’t be stressed and this will lead to more of a hormonal balance in your body.


I have to read this article as a reminder to myself. It’s really easy to put yourself last when it comes to basic things that God knows you need in your life. Try to simplify your life and you will be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of sun, sex and sleep. Check back for future articles on herbs that can help you sleep as well massage techniques, and thanks for reading. Love you all!

























God Bless!


Designers in front of a blackboard



A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.” – Proverbs 15:30


A quick story

One morning I was leaving my neighborhood and happened to drive past a neighbor who lives a street over from me. As I passed by, I gave a friendly wave and smile that was undeniably visible. To my surprise, my neighbor didn’t respond back. In fact, the neighbor looked quite perturbed by my happiness. At first, I was mad because we’ve lived in the same neighborhood for more than 14 years and I see this person on a daily basis driving in and out of the same street. As I continued my drive to work, I pondered why some people don’t like to wave when they know it’s a nice thing to do?


That same day, I arrived at one of my corporate client’s offices to begin my day at work, but first had to take an elevator up 23 floors. There was one other person in the elevator who made no eye contact with me for the entire ride while looking at their phone. No “Good day, ” or “Hello.” Just utter silence 23 floors up. Can you imagine if we got stuck? It would’ve been complete torture for the other person, because I would’ve pushed the whole “Hello” issue and they would’ve had no choice but to cave.


Once I arrived at the office, I began my day. I noticed many people in the halls didn’t make much eye contact with one another, nor did many have friendly conversations. A large majority of people today seem rather disengaged emotionally and angry about life. I notice this not only in offices, but in many public places as well. Why do you think this is? 


Something’s missing

I know stress is a major contributor. People aren’t sleeping enough or eating the right healthy foods. But, besides these obvious reasons that I speak and write about often, there’s one thing that has stood out to me when getting to know hard-working, smart people. What is it you ask?  I believe millions of people in the United States with corporate desk jobs who are sitting at computers all day long in small spaces and working long hours are being denied their CREATIVITY. Yes, I said creativity.


I believe, by nature, humans were made to be passionate and creative. When people are suppressed or denied the right to creativity and passion on a daily basis, this can lead to anger and resentment. If we harbor these rightfully negative feelings over a long period of time, we may manifest symptoms of being sick, age faster and eventually acquire a major disease. We also run the risk of taking those negative feelings out on the people we love. It’s an energy and it needs to go somewhere doesn’t it? If this energy isn’t used in a healthy manner, I believe sickness isn’t limited to your body, but your mind and spirit can become sick as well.


This can lead to a dependence on some sort of addiction. Whether drugs, alcohol, bad relationships, overspending, overeating or even overworking. I’ve even noticed people becoming addicted to being sick. Their sickness becomes a comforter and a barrier to them not seeing the truth of what they need to change about their situation. I think a lot of it is fear based as well. People are afraid to make changes and some are too lazy to change. Some people really don’t know how to put one foot forward in making that leap into having creativity and passion in their lives. Some may feel paralyzed and numb to even the idea of it. Can you relate to what I’m saying for yourself or someone you know?


Infuse some creativity into your life

I listen hard to what people tell me and I hear their daily struggles. I work with people of all different ages, sexes and races. Some are single and some are married. Most have a lot of stress! Some are in jobs by circumstance because it pays the bills and others have jobs that they went to school for and are now bombarded by really heavy workloads that are meant for two people. Some have jobs that have become so mundane they pose no real challenge intellectually. Some careers have put restrictions on people allowing them to share their own ideas and opinions, which in fact produces an environment of not wanting to rock the boat. This can manifest a learned behavior of fear in a workplace.


Since I’ve gotten to speak to people over the years, I always ask them what they would want to do for a living if money wasn’t a priority. Some of the answers have been a dog day care, art studio, coffee shop, dance studio, farm, charter fishing or travel companies, vintage clothing line, soap maker, designer, children’s book author, park ranger and flower shop owner. Everyone who responded had either a master’s degree, and some even a PhD. The career changes they mentioned were all jobs that either required them to be outside or have contact with people. And, all were jobs that required CREATIVITY. Even though society has a faster pace and technology is faster than ever before, humans still crave simplicity, nature and other people. Even as mean and angry some people appear today, we all crave the same things. Isn’t that enlightening? If we realize this, it’s kind of hard to be mad at that person that didn’t wave to you isn’t it? (Side note to myself.)


Think about this: Have you ever noticed a football coach on television screaming and yelling with great passion at his players? Have you ever watched a ballroom dancing competition and the intensity of the dancers’ body language? Have you ever watched HGTV and observed some of the home designers, working on a project for hours without tiring? Have you ever watched the eyes of a musician or famous singer performing their hearts out? Have you ever visited a zoo and watched the excitement of the people working there? Have you ever taken the time to drive out to the country and visit a small farm and speak to the owners? Have you ever watched a fishing show where two men are fishing all day on the end of a boat under the beautiful blue sky? I know for some of you these sound like dream jobs and aren’t realistic, but I think you get my point.  What can we do to bring out that creativity and passion that was given to us? I think all of us can change up our Groundhog Day weeks by adding in a few positive elements to our lives to do your soul good as well as your health. I know it does for me. 


Remember, a cheerful heart will produce a lot of good fruit in your life as well as others. See where you can apply one, or two of these suggestions and let me know your thoughts.


Make time for fun and creativity

  1. Take one or two days a month during the week to see a sunset.
  2. Download your favorite stand-up comedian and listen to it on your way to work.

Download a list of songs that you listened to in high school or a time in the past that you enjoyed. Listen on your drive home from work.

  1. Take one, or two, lunch breaks a week outside to look at nature.
  2. Prepare a recipe once a week from a different culture that interests you.
  3. Write a love letter to someone you care about.
  4. Sign up for a dance class a few times a month.
  5. Register for a different language class online, or at a meet-up group in your town.
  6. Find a local farm to visit and walk around.
  7. Take a trip to your city zoo.
  8. Start a journal of the best memories of your life and share them with a friend.
  9. Invite friends over for a conversation night of wine and pick a topic of history to converse about.
  10. Find a piece of furniture in your house that needs to be repainted. Take it outside and work on it slowly.
  11. Take a new workout class at your gym that challenges you.
  12. Go to the library and take out books that you’re passionate about.
  13. Plan a small weekend trip to a place of history, or somewhere that challenges your mind.
  14. Volunteer at a dog shelter, or at an assisted living home.
  15. Sign up for an art class.
  16. Learn to play chess.
  17. Take a cooking class.
  18. Walk the beach after work, or walk a nature trail.
  19. Make something simple for your house.
  20. Work on old family photos, or a family genealogy.
  21. Plant new flowers, or start a small garden.
  22. Make a list of possible new job prospects that require less stress.
  23. Redo your budget to spend less on bills and more on fun.
  24. Watch less television and pick out movies that challenge your brain to have more conversation.
  25. Meet new people outside of your usual friends. 
  26. Get to know the older people in your family. 
  27. Try daily prayer for insight of personal change.


God Bless!