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Fast, Crunchy, Flavorful and Cheap!  Are you hungry? 




When I was a kid, my Nana would use cabbage in a variety of different dishes.  She would use Green Cabbage a lot in delicious soups. Other times, she would over cook the cabbage… and by the time it got to the table, all it’s flavor would be gone!  My Brother and I would look at each other in disgust, and plan our cabbage escape.  We knew the dogs in the house wouldn’t eat the cabbage, so that left us to hide it in a napkin and run as far away as possible after dinner. 

My Mom on the other hand, did a better job with cabbage as we got older.  She would make really awesome cabbage salads and also use it in stir fry dishes from time to time.  As I got older, I found new ways to cook with cabbage.  I’ve become fond of Red Cabbage.  Red Cabbage to me looks friendly.  Doesn’t it?  The red color is so inviting and if cooked right…it promises to love you by adding a tremendous amount of phytonutrients to your body.  Now who can deny that kind of love?

The dish I want to share with you is so simple and fresh.  If you’re a single bachelor, have a large family, or on a tight budget…this is your dish!  I sense you’re hungry?  Let’s get started…



1 to 2 cups of chopped Red Organic Cabbage

1/2 of a cup of chopped small Yellow Organic Onion

1 to 1 1/2 tablespoon of Organic Olive Oil

1/2 of a cup of Organic Flat Italian Parsley chopped

1/2 teaspoon of unrefined Sea Salt

1 cup of Organic Red Quinoa

1 teaspoon of minced garlic


Boil a small pot of water for Red Quinoa on high.  Once boiled, take 1 cup of your quinoa and place into boiling water.  Reduce heat to medium high.  Boil for 15 to 20 minutes, or until soft. While Quinoa is cooking, wash your Red Cabbage and your parsley.  Chop cabbage, parsley and onion.  Heat a pan of Olive Oil on medium to high heat.  Once heated, place minced garlic and onions in pan to brown.  Reduce heat to medium.  Add in your cabbage and mix all into oil.  Cook cabbage no longer than 2 minutes.  You want to retain as much crunch and rawness as possible.  Add in your parsley and sea salt.  Mix all together and reduce heat to low.  Pull your quinoa out of pot and drain.  Add quinoa to heated pan of veggies and mix.  Take out a nice plate and ready to serve! 

Note:  This meal will take 20 minutes to cook.  If you cook the quinoa the night before, it will only take you 10 minutes tops.  Try and keep the cabbage from over cooking.

Purpose of Dish:  This dish is perfect for people that have digestive issues, people who are short on time, vegans , gluten sensitivity issues and kids who need veggies.  Red Quinoa has the highest protein content of any grain.  You may find it at most Health Food Stores, like Wholefoods and Trader Joes.  Neighborhood grocery stores should carry it as well.  If you live out in the country, you may order it online.  Enjoy!!  Remember…the healthier you eat, the less conversations you will have with your doctor and the more time you will have enjoying life!


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Jaime’s Favorite Pain Remedies…..




Do you like being in pain?  I don’t!  Pain can ruin your whole day and at worse take over your life.  Pain has a way of controlling your thinking and can affect your personality too.   I’ve had the sad pleasure of experiencing many different types of pain in the last 24 years, or so.  I’ve had torn hamstrings, a torn pec muscle, throbbing knees, a strained abdomen and many other issues from the profession I’ve been in.  Before I started eating totally Organic Food, and cleaning up what I put in my body…I would reach for the typical Advil and sometimes even resort to Sleep Aids at night just to ease the pain.  Even though this can take the edge off, the long term abuse of these toxic substances can wreak havoc on your liver.   What can a person do if they want to naturally help themselves with acute, or chronic pain? 

The Immune System of the body can be overactive and underactive.  It can lead to a variety of different diseases when it’s out of balance.  Whether you have a sports injury, a specific disease, mental stress, or not getting the right foods with sleep….your body can become inflamed and pain will set in. 

Over the last 5 years, I ‘ve educated myself more on inflammation than any other topic.  There are many ways to keep your body from feeling like it’s on fire and simple things to do at managing pain.  A lot of long term pain management will come through diet, exercise and sleep.  But, I’ve made a quick easy list of suggestions that you might want to try if you find pain creeping up within your body.  Give some of them a try and see if they help, before you find yourself with a toxic drug. 




According to the National Institutes of Health:

Magnesium helps normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis.”

WHAT JAIME DOES:  After a long day of massaging, coaching and my own workout…I will always have my Magnesium Powder in a glass of filtered water before bed.  It helps relax my muscles and I always sleep much deeper.  Works wonders for muscle spasms, headaches, soreness and menstrual cramps.


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Massage Therapy is by far one of those most beneficial ways in preventing and healing the body of pain.  Massage promotes oxygen to all your tissues in your body, helps promote the removal of waste products, reduces stress and anxiety.  There are many different types of massage that you can do depending on your goal.  If you’re looking to relax and zone out…a simple Swedish Relaxation works wonders for pain.  Mayo Clinic studies have shown the many benefits behind long term use of Massage Therapy and wellness.

WHAT JAIME DOES: I like to get a massage at least once a week.  If my schedule gets too crazy, than I will usually book a 90 minute massage every two weeks.  After my massage, I always feel like I can breathe better, my posture is more aligned, my skin looks brighter and my eyes aren’t glassy looking anymore.  The same day I get my massage, I always sleep like a baby.  Try and find a good Massage Therapist through a referral.  Sometimes it takes a few people to go through to find someone that’s qualified and good. 






According to many different studies, Naturopathic Doctors and some Allopathic Doctors…..Magnesium Deficiency is on the rise.  Stress depletes the body of it and most people do not get enough in their foods.  You may increase your magnesium levels through certain greens like Kale and Spinach if they’re organic.  Some signs that you’re deficient in magnesium are: headaches, insomnia, fatigue and PAIN. 

WHAT JAIME DOES:  After my shower, or bath I will apply Magnesium Gel/Oil all over my skin.  My body soaks up this mineral like crazy with all the physical demand I have on my body.  I try and increase my levels in different ways and I have noticed a big difference in inflammation reduction.   


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4.  Marshmellow Root-


This herb is no stranger to helping people through history with pain and inflammation.  It was used in Ancient Greece as well as many other cultures for it’s powerful healing properties. It may be used to heal the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract, also in healing the lining of stomach ulcers, urinary tract inflammation, and even stones in the urinary tract.  You may find it at Wholefoods, or your local Health Food Store.

WHAT JAIME DOES:  If I know that I will be working extra and I feel a little bit of soreness, I will add a few drops of this herb in between meals through out my day.  I’ve also had clients that have used it when they’ve had a urinary tract infection, and it seemed to decrease the pain dramatically within a couple of hours.  Try and see if it works for you.


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The feet are an amazing part of your body when it comes to pinpointing points of pain, or congestion in the body.  You have more than 7,000 nerve endings in each foot that constantly send messages through out your body.  Your feet take a lot of abuse from wearing the wrong shoes, being overweight and standing on bad surfaces.  Even just wearing shoes in general restricts circulation.  Massaging your own feet can work wonders for pain and help increase circulation to areas of your body that you’re unable to reach yourself. 

WHAT JAIME DOES:  If I feel any lower back pain coming on, knee pain, or even tension in my abdominal area…I will make time to massage my own feet in front of the television at night.  You don’t have to be a professional Massage Guru to hit some specific points in your foot to get some instant pain relief.  While some people may use essential oils to massage points in the feet, the best way is to use no lotion, or oil at all.  The best way is to use your own thumb and dig as deep and slow as you can starting at the heel and working in a line upwards towards your toes as slow as possible.  At the end of your foot massage you may place essential oils that work well for inflammation on the feet.  If you want to hit specific areas of the foot…check out the chart below to follow. 






The Essential Oil Peppermint is one of the oldest oils used dating back to the early Egyptians. Peppermint oil can be used for digestive issues, freshen bad breath, help with respiratory tract issues, and release tight muscles.  It’s also known to be a natural PAIN KILLER.  Many studies have shown pain relief from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and simple back pain with the use of applied Peppermint Oil.

WHAT JAIME DOES:  I recently just started using this oil in the last few months.  One night I went for a long run on a trail that had some up and down surfaces.  When I got home my ankles and knees felt a little inflamed.  I went ahead and massaged some of the oil around all of my joints.  Within 5 minutes I had instant relief.  Give it a try. 


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I’m a big fan of anything old and traditional when it comes to most things in life.  Especially, when it comes to healing and giving the body nutrients.  Castor Oil is the king of tradition!  It dates back to Biblical times and was used by healers for many different things.  Some used it to help with labor, bacterial infections and my favorite…INFLAMMATION.  There’s so much to write and say about this powerful gift that’s been placed on this earth, but I will save it for a whole article by itself in one of my next posts. 

WHAT JAIME DOES:  I will use Castor Oil on my abdomen area at night when I feel like I have back pain, emotional stress and menstrual cramps.  You may heat it and apply it to your Solar Plexus area, your whole abdomen and massaging all the way down towards your pelvic area. If you have menstrual cramps, you may also apply the castor hot packs as well, which will help ease pain.  Massaging the abdomen with Castor Oil will also help improve digestion and help improve any issues of constipation.  If you have anxiety issues, massaging around your Solar Plexus will help alleviate stress.  You may purchase packs and oil at Wholefoods, local Health Food Stores and online as well. 






If you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, have joint issues, stress and have any inflammation…you need enzymes!  There are 3 types of enzymes.  Food enzymes, digestive enzymes and systemic, or metabolic enzymes.  They’re essential for many different functions and chemical reactions in the body.  Without these special living proteins, we would suffer. 


WHAT JAIME DOES:  I have to admit, any inflammation that I’ve had in the past from exercise, work or mental stress….metabolic enzymes have come to my rescue.  I recently ran out of a bottle of these saviors a couple of weeks ago and I noticed a huge difference being off of them.  They will eat up any bad fibrin in the body and decrease inflammation like little Pac Men on a mission.  Systemic Enzymes work best if taken on an empty stomach.  I usually will take them early in the morning about 90 minutes before I eat anything in the morning. 

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Well, there’s my 8 top regimens that I use during the week for pain and inflammation.  I could probably list another 8, or more.  Keep in mind that eating foods that are healthy, clean and organic will help with healing your pain issues.  Don’t forget to sleep and drink good clean water.  I will be posting many more future articles related to pain and inflammation. I hope this article was helpful to you.  Don’t forget to click and share with friends who might benefit from this information.


God Bless!


























Perfection and obsession…the need to impress others and yourself. Why?? 

There’s so much I want to say about this topic of perfection, I don’t know where to begin. Where shall I begin? 




Over the years, I’ve watched and listened to clients who live out of balance in their own lives.  I have even watched myself chasing after the wind… and only to come up feeling exhausted.  You can be out of balance by working too much, exercising too much, socializing too much, buying more than you need, and obsessing about what you don’t have, or what you lack. 

It’s okay to want to be better and do better in life.  But, seeking balance should be the true goal to true happiness and good health.  In my mind, I’m thinking about where perfection seeking comes from, where does seeking more stem from?  There’s always a root cause of everything.  Here are my thoughts…

I think insecurity is one force that drives a lot of people into living out of their means and obsessing over their looks.  When we’re insecure about something, we want to seek validation through others, and one way people may do that is by working for things they don’t need.

For example, I know of a few people who lease expensive cars that are more than their mortgage payments each month, while they won’t buy Organic Food for their health.  Isn’t that silly?  I’ve also noticed a lot of people being driven to focus on body image so much, that it’s actually made them unhealthy to the point of getting a disease.  I know of some people who will exercise and take selfie pictures everyday in fear that they will gain just a little bit of fat.  Their obsession with their own bodies and their deep insecurities drive them to ignore others around them. Some will lose relationships over their own vanity…because they can’t see past their own insecurities, which in fact becomes narcissistic. How can anyone genuinely care for someone else when they’re obsessed with perfecting themselves?




I think fear is a really big driving force behind perfection.  Fear of not having enough, fear of being too old, fear of being alone, because one doesn’t live up to what society thinks you should have…..and look like.  Our culture today in America is really good at making people think they won’t have enough to retire on, or aging isn’t attractive.  How many retirement commercials do you see on television, or Botox commercials?

I believe anger and loneliness can drive someone into seeking perfection at an unhealthy level too.  If someone is angry, or lonely they might seek to cover up that pain by obsessing over behaviors that become an obsession.  Sometimes those behaviors can become addictions and the true root of the behavior never gets healed.  I once had a client who lived on a fixed income, but yet she bought items in her house that she had two of everything she never needed.

We all have different issues we can work on as we age.  Are you seeking too much perfection?  Do you obsess over a better, or much cleaner house at the expense of never really enjoying people in your home?  Have you not enjoyed the beach, because you were afraid what others might think you look like in a bathing suit?  Do you own things that own you?  Do these things take up your time, preventing you extra time with family and friends?  Do you seek perfection in relationships without giving back, because you’re afraid to give up obsessions you’re holding onto?  Have you become addicted to wanting to be perfect? 

Trying to be perfect can take your health out of balance.  It can cause insomnia, fatigue, eating disorders, depression, weight gain, inflammation in the body, pain and anxiety.  How can you bring yourself back into balance?  Who will benefit from you becoming more balanced in your life? Where can you start?  Are you tired of trying to be perfect?  Stop chasing after the wind and be honest with yourself……..doing less sometimes equals more.



1. Stop comparing yourself to people on Facebook and spend less time on Facebook.

2. Replace negative words about yourself with good ones.

3. Replace extra expensive material items with more affordable ones to free up more time with family and friends.

4. Take less pictures of yourself and more pictures of nature.  Put positive focus on natural things that make people smile.

5. Learn to be yourself without seeking approval from others.

6. Remove vain, negative and materialistic people from your time.

7. Find ways to give back to people in your community.  (family, friends, strangers in need)

8. Make a list of things you’re thankful for that you already have.

9. Come to terms with past anger by seeking prayer and forgiveness.

10. Ask others close to you for suggestions on how you can improve.

11. Avoid television shows, magazines that influence vanity.

God Bless……





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Kitty in the kitchen watching me cook…..me trying to get Kitty in picture who ran to get me an apron…..       


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When I think of Green Peas…. it reminds me of a friend who used to torture me in the early morning with the smell of cooked peas.  Yes, my friend would eat cooked peas and egg whites every morning as I drove us to school.  I was never crazy about these green little fellows, especially when the smell takes up your whole car at the crack of dawn.  So what changed my opinion about the small green monsters? 


FullSizeRender (146)


Over the last few years I made a decision to eat less meat and take in more vegetables and beans. I don’t claim to be a vegan, but since I’ve made that change, my metabolism has increased with less effort in the gym.  My digestion has approved as well.  Green Peas are loaded in nutrients and minerals.  They can pack major protein in just one cup and also have a high content in vitamin C.  I also like the fact that they’re really affordable to buy and you can make several different recipes with them.  My Kitty helped with this recipe by watching, but refused to taste it.  All the more for me!  If you need energy and want something easy to make…try this Green Pea Garlic Dip.  It can be used as a simple dip for a party with some organic chips, or veggies on the side.  You can also take it to work and have it over a bed of greens.  Give it a go…..


FullSizeRender (144)

1 cup of Green Organic Dried Fresh Peas, or frozen. (I buy my peas dried by the bulk at Whole Foods)

1 tablespoon of Vegan Mayo

1/2 of an Organic Lemon squeezed

1/2 cup of fresh chopped Organic Cilantro

1/2 cup of Organic Red, or White Onion chopped

1 1/2 tablespoon of minced Organic Garlic

1 teaspoon of unrefined Sea Salt

1/2 ounce of crumbled Organic Feta Cheese

1/2 of Organic Cucumber Sliced into 4-6 pieces



Boil 3 to 4 cups of water in a small pot.  If you’re using dried peas, you may soak them the night before in water to soften them.  I sometimes will do that and other times I just boil them until they’re soft.  After your water is boiling, add in a cup of peas and cook on medium high for about 20-30 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, lower the heat to medium.  Keep checking on your peas to see how soft they become. Once the peas are done, drain them and let them cool for a few minutes.  Pull out your food processor and add beans.  Add in your mayo, minced garlic, chopped onion, salt, cilantro and lemon juice. Mix all ingredients until blended and nice and smooth.  Pull out a bowl and place dip in the middle.  Take your cleaned cucumber and chop into 4-6 pieces.  Place cucumber pieces around dip.  Crumble your feta cheese on top at the end.  You may also serve this on a bed of greens, or just have as a snack with some organic chips.

Note:  This whole dish will take 25- 30 minutes if you’re having to boil beans.  If you’ve soaked them the night before it will probably only take you 15-20 minutes.  Make a bigger serving and have as a quick snack for a couple of days.

Purpose of dish: Increases fiber, which is helpful for digestion and bile in your body.  It’s high in iron, folic acid and magnesium.  It’s affordable to make and also really high in vitamin C.


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No Vampires….just my Mother and Garlic!!!  So what are the benefits of Garlic…….
As some of you already know, I come from an Italian family and spent a lot of my younger years living with my mother and grandmother. Growing up, I remember our house always filled with the aroma of garlic and onions. Even when they weren’t cooking, you could still somehow smell it. I think even our dog had a garlic collar (fleas hated him!). Whether in sauces, bean dishes, soups or sautéed with olive oil for brushing on bread as a treat, my grandmother used garlic in a lot of dishes we prepared for the week. It’s very easy to cook with and is healthy to include in meals, especially when you’re cooking on a tight budget. Our family didn’t have a lot of money, so cooking with traditional and simple herbs was second nature.




Between the ages of 12 and 16, I would often fake being sick just to avoid getting up early for school – doing everything possible to convince my mother that I was dying, or truly in agony. When I think back to those days I chuckle, because I really did have her convinced most of the time. When I was about 14 years old, I did end up coming down with a really high fever. Any time, my brother or I had a fever, my mom would wipe us down with a cold cloth and give us homemade soups with a lot of herbs including – you guessed it – garlic. One night, after midnight, my mom checked in on me to find me shaking. Although she insisted, I didn’t even want the cold cloth. I became really upset and begged her to leave the room. She left briefly, but only to return with a sock, onion and turkey baster. Yes, turkey baster. When she opened my bedroom door (laughing like a crazy woman with all her tools in hand), all I could yell was, “Get out of my room you witch doctor!” I begged her to leave as my fever reached above 102 degrees, but my mom was stubborn and on a mission to get my fever down.


So, what did she do with all her tools? Well, the onion was cut in half and tied to the bottom of my foot with the sock to draw out the fever. The turkey baster was going to be used with garlic and distilled water as an enema. Drawing out toxins from my colon, the enema would help reduce the fever and kill off any parasites (if they existed) and any candida yeast in my body. Essentially, my mom was putting into practice some old remedies passed down from generation to generation. With no Google to search for the answers to heal me, families relied on old remedies such as this one. Although my teenage self refused to let my mom stick me with the turkey baster that night (I was happier to suffer with a high fever, thank you very much), I did allow her to attach the onion to my heel and finally submitted to the cold rag wipe-down. All and all, she healed me and I was thankful. We had a few good laughs that night and still laugh about it today. 




A quick history and some benefits…..


Around for centuries, and well documented through many cultures, garlic was given to the slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids (along with onions) to increase strength and stamina. The original Olympic athletes in Greece ate garlic before competitions, as the earliest performance-enhancing substances ever used. In China, garlic was used to help cure digestive and respiratory ailments, diarrhea and parasitic infestations. During the Middle Ages, garlic was grown in monastic gardens throughout Europe where they used it to help heal kidney, digestive and breathing disorders. Eventually, Europeans brought this healing herb to the New World by the 1800s where is was widely used and found in most American homes as a traditional medicine. When antibiotics were unavailable, garlic was even used in World War I on wounded soldiers to fight infections and prevent gangrene.


Needless to say, I use garlic a lot. In my wellness practice, one of my most used services is massage therapy, where I’m exposed to many different germs each week. Over last 20 years of being in close skin-to-skin contact with people, I’ve only been under the weather one time. Just once. I attribute staying healthy to my strict eating habits where garlic is at the top of my list, along with onions. In addition to strengthening your immune system, garlic can help regulate cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease and reduce high blood pressure. A lot of herbal practitioners recommend garlic for digestive issues, as it helps inhibit gut bacteria. It also may help inhibit helicobacter pylori, which has been known to be the root cause of ulcers and stomach cancer. 




Start with this five-minute recipe:


You can find raw, organic garlic in the produce section of your grocery store. When purchasing garlic, check that the cloves haven’t been sitting too long. I prefer buying raw garlic instead of bottled, minced garlic, but if you prefer this make sure it comes from the United States as most garlic farms are located in California. It’s easy to add garlic to a meal a few times a week to start. I use garlic a lot over the weekends and as a foundation in mostly all of my dishes (onions and fresh herbs, too!). This adds so much delicious flavor – I just love it! The best way to eat garlic for its full benefits is to eat it raw, however, most people don’t like the taste. Try heating a pan of olive oil, then add a couple of crushed cloves with onions and sea salt to add to a salad as a dressing. If you’re buying garlic as a supplement, look for products with allicin, a key ingredient that gives garlic its odor and powerful healing properties to fight bacteria, mold, viruses and yeast, and aids in preventing numerous diseases.


I notice when I eat more garlic, my skin looks brighter. Plus, it takes me back to countless memories of my crazy family. Try it and see! Let’s band together to keep my mom from appearing at our bedroom doors at 1 a.m. with a turkey baster in hand!









Feel like you’re constantly battling the fart monster? Enzymes to the rescue! Even though the word “fart” may make you want to hide from the world, the actual act of farting might disgust you even more. Especially, if you’re the victim of a fart assault (who hasn’t been?)

Sadly, we can’t press charges on these deadly culprits (or those who freely pass gas on innocent victims). When you’re a kid, and discover these entertaining noises coming out of your exterior, it can make family life quite entertaining and provide endless laughter. But, as you get older and find yourself at work, in an elevator or even on a date, the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself and look rude in public place if your stomach fills up with gas. Then, it’s not so much fun anymore.

Many of us have been out to a work dinner, or with friends, and have ordered food that didn’t quite agree with us. Let me paint the picture. You’re dressed nicely and feeling good. At the beginning of the night, you’re enjoying pleasant conversation and order steak with potatoes and vegetables on the side. You delight in the meal, sipping your wine and eating your tasty dish. After dinner, the table is cleared and the server asks what you would like for dessert. Your colleagues or friends order cheesecake and coffee. You do, too.

As the evening and conversations continue, you begin to feel bubbles building up in your stomach. They escalate, turning into extreme pressure, as you feel your abdomen morphing into what must look like a woman who’s four months pregnant. Now, your pants are tighter and you still have dessert and more conversation to go. Have you ever found yourself in this situation, or a similar one, where you couldn’t exit to a bathroom and were stuck to endure the pain? I think most people have, and it isn’t fun. How can you get relief from gas that invades your body at the worst times?

Enzymes play an important and vital role in your digestion. When you eat food that’s overcooked or fried, it loses most of its enzymes. Digestive enzymes are complex proteins and work hard in the body all day eliminating, delivering and synthesizing a number of ingredients and chemicals that your body uses during waking hours. When your body produces enzymes, their job is to stimulate chemical changes in the foods passing through the gut. Your pancreas takes a lead role in producing digestive enzymes for the body and it has to keep up by producing pancreatic enzymes.

Eating fast food, junk food or packaged food, and chewing a lot of gum all contribute to the body’s inability to produce adequate enzymes and absorb food. Also, not eating enough raw veggies can have the same effect. As we age, we lose the ability to produce more enzymes, which can wreak havoc on our digestion and lead to numerous types of diseases.

I’ve had times in my life where my body was under a lot of stress. I’ve also spent a lot of time eating on the run and not taking the time to sit down and relax while eating. There have been times where I found myself consuming more cooked protein and lacking raw fruits and vegetables. When I used to meet up with friends for dinner, I would almost always end up with gas or bloat after every meal. Once I felt myself going in a worse direction with my digestion, I took charge and started incorporating some helpful habits that have saved me from uncomfortable situations and prevented me from future health problems.

Many people I speak with have digestive issues, gallbladder problems and ulcers. There are a lot of people today that suffer in silence and are given prescription drugs to treat symptoms without addressing their core issue. Digestive enzymes can help heal and prevent a lot inflammatory, gut-related issues. Changing just a few things in your day and incorporating certain foods can help with enzyme production and help keep your digestion operating smoothly.

If you take a moment to address your core issues, you’ll find that simple changes will give you a world of relief. I want to help, and put together a quick list of things that you can begin to incorporate into your own regimen. Along with whole food digestive enzymes, probiotics are another wonderful and needed supplement to include in your gut healing (more on that in a later post). Keep in mind that the word “supplement” means “in addition to,” so eating and basing your health on organic whole foods is truly the key to having better enzyme absorption. 

Tips for better digestion

  • Increase your fiber through fruit. The World Health Organization recommends at least 15 to 25 grams of fiber a day, while other people in my field suggest a higher number (especially if you sit down all day or have a higher protein diet, which can slow digestion). Aim for at least 30 grams (men should go a little higher), and see what your stomach allows since everyone’s fiber tolerance is different. Fruits that are high in fiber include raspberries, strawberries, oranges, pineapple and bananas.
  • Incorporate organic aloe juice. Wonderful for healing your gut lining, aloe juice has over 500 minerals. Try adding it to your smoothies.
  • Take the Garden Of Life, Raw Enzymes supplement. I usually take one of these before most meals to help absorb my food. I notice a huge difference if I don’t take one and eat animal protein or am eating under stress.
  • Don’t chew gum, or suck on mints. When you chew gum, or mints, for a certain amount of time, you’re tricking your body into thinking you’re eating food and the pancreas is actually overworking.
  • Stay away from stressful people. People who eat fast or stress you out should be avoided while you’re eating (and in general!).
  • Don’t drink during your meals. Drinking interrupts digestion of food.
  • Add probiotics into your routine. Taking a probiotic in the evening before bed can help.
  • Walk around after you eat. Avoid sitting too long post-meal; walking can stimulate digestion. 
  • Balance out animal protein. Eat more veggies and fruits, if possible, to round out protein intake.
  • Avoid GMO, conventional foods. These foods have been sprayed with toxic chemicals that will kill your digestion.
  • Drink herbal tea. Sipping ginger, chamomile or peppermint tea can aid digestion.
  • Smell lavender. Enjoying the scent of organic lavender oil before eating can help relax you and set the stage for healthy digestion.

Okay, there it is – your simple, 12-step digestion to-do list. Remember, digestion plays a big role in nourishment, immunity and your mood. Taking a prescription drug, or ignoring the signs, aren’t smart moves. Try to eliminate bad habits and replace them with some of the above recommendations to feel better.  Good luck!   Zyme

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Italian meets Spanish on the same plate……..

Have you ever craved two types of ethnic foods and wanted to eat them in the same meal?  I have!  Check out what I made the other night when I had my Italian/Spanish craving. This dish is so simple to make and it will have you and your family craving more after they try it.  I like to call this my “fun weekend dish.”  Usually, during the week I don’t use much oil, or cheese.  But, on the weekends, I still eat healthy and just add more flavor to my dishes by using extra taste.

This dish is filled with so many nutrients and it virtually costs nothing to make.  The Portabello Mushroom is really low in calories and has a nice balance of carbs and proteins with very little fat. Mushrooms have a really well balanced acid-alkaline balance.  They’re also really high in potassium. The Yucca plant in this meal is high in fiber and helps with digestion.  The Dandelion Greens on the side are high in vitamin C and B6. You can find mostly all the ingredients to this recipe in most grocery stores.  If you’re short on time and want to put something out that looks like it took a lot of effort….than this is your dish.  Enjoy!


4 tablespoons of organic olive oil

1/2 to 1 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt

1 tablespoon of Basil Pesto by 365

1 ounce of organic low moisture mozzarella cheese by Organic Valley

1 whole organic portabello mushroom with stem

1 cup of organic dandelion greens

1 whole yucca root peeled

1/2 cup of organic cilantro


Wash and dry all your fresh foods first.  Preheat your oven to 350 while you’re prepping your meal.  Boil a small pot of water on your stove for the Yucca.  Take out your Yucca Root and remove outer layer with a peeler, or knife.  Cut yucca into 3 to 4 big pieces.  Boil yucca until it softens, or until you can get a fork in it.  While yucca is boiling, place your mushroom face up on a baking pan, or foil.  Pull stem out of mushroom and cut in two.  Place each part of stem on each side of mushroom.  Garnish mushroom with Pesto Basil Sauce. Cut up your cheese and place on top of garnished mushroom.  Place mushroom in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden brown and cheese has melted. While your mushroom is cooking, pull your yucca out and let cool on a cutting board.  Cut yucca up into small wedges.  Heat small skillet with your olive oil on medium to high heat.  Place your chopped yucca in pan.  Lower heat to medium and cook until yucca is brown.  Pull out a nice plate while yucca is browning.  Place your Dandelion Greens in a circle around your plate leaving an opening in the middle for your mushroom.  Once your mushroom and yucca are done, place mushroom and stems in the middle of the plate.  Take yucca wedges and place all around and on top of greens.  Use left over oil in pan to drizzle over entire dish.  You may garnish the rest of the plate with the cilantro and sea salt.  Ready to serve!

Note: This whole dish might take you 20-25 minutes at the most.  If you prepare everything the night before, it might take you less time.

Purpose of Dish:  Helps with digestion, relieves inflammation, high in fiber, helps balance acid in the body, helps regulate blood pressure, high in magnesium and potassium, provides tastes.

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Have a headache???  I have some answers….

Pounding, throbbing pain shooting up the back of your head….dull, aching pain right through your eye balls…dizziness…and possibly even feeling nauseous?  Does this sound like you? Could this be the way you feel when a headache is about to make it’s grand entrance? 

I’ve been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years now and I like to think of myself as the “Master Healer” when it comes to headaches.  There are so many articles out there and books on why people get headaches.  I’m going to classify them  into two groups based on my 20 years of healing people from headaches. 

The majority of headaches are either caused by a “chemical reaction” in the body, or a result of a “muscular tension issue” that has progressed into something acute and at times has become chronic.   

Most people today will naturally reach for an Advil to ease the pain.  Some chronic headache suffers will become more dependent upon a prescription drug if the pain is too severe.  Others, will suffer in silence and miss work to lay in a dark room all day.  Does this sound like you?  It doesn’t matter how old you are….anyone can suffer mild to extreme headaches.  In my Massage Practice, I’ve treated more people over the years for headaches than any other ailment, or injury.  I always ask my clients a few simple questions to try and zero in where the culprit may be. 

Reasons why someone would have a Chemical Induced Headache….

1. High salt diet-(eating too many deli meats, going out to eat and eating packaged meals.

2. Drinking too much coffee, or caffeine including soda.

3. Sulfates in the diet, which can be found in processed foods and wine.

4. Result from a prescription drug

5. Lack of water intake

6. Hormones not balanced from sluggish Liver, Digestion, Kidneys and Gallbladder

7. Too much sugar

8. Low blood sugar from skipping meals or not enough proper nutrients that are balanced based on your body type.

9. A certain fragrance, perfume, toxic cleaning products, mold or allergen the body is rejecting.

10.  Having too much acidity in the body.

Reasons for Muscular Tension Headaches….

1. Sitting too long and no circulation

2. Too much mental stress

3. Poor posture

4. Weak muscles

5. Injured tissues

6. Over training in the gym, or workouts without proper rest and nutrients to recover.

7. TMJ issues

8. Acute and Chronic tight muscles with no release. Lack of massage and cardio

9. Irritated or impinged nerves from muscle tension and imbalance.

10. Tight clothing (especially around the upper body like a bra, or tight shirt.)

11. Carrying heavy purse, or luggage too much.

12. Leaving your house with hair that is wet.

13. Sleeping with a fan blowing on your neck

14. Bad pillow and bed

15. Bad desk chair and computer placement at work

16. Bad shoes

17. Terrible vision

18. Bad lighting

Read over this list and print it up.  See if any of these might be contributing to your headaches.  Begin with some small changes first and see if that makes a difference….

God Bless……




Your favorite time of the month as a WOMAN!  Bring on the PMS!!!!

I actually have a really big smile on my face as I’m writing this post.  I’m thinking back to the days when PMS ruled my life.  If you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’re a man reading this, maybe you know of a woman who needs to read this? 

I have so many PMS stories in my PMS bank!  Clients and friends over the years have shared so many crazy PMS stories it’s silly.  I had a friend share with me a PMS story not too long ago.  She was trying to find a parking space at the mall to buy a gift for a friend.  She was on her lunch break and was really pressed for time.  She couldn’t seem to find a space as she kept driving around over and over. As she was frantically looking, she happened to come upon this small truck that actually took up two spaces.  Instead of her trying to find another space, she proceeded to pull out a piece of paper and wrote a letter to the truck owner to let him know how much of a jerk off he was.  This letter wasn’t a short letter either.  She wrote him a page long letter explaining the inconvenience this parking issue had caused her.  She than taped the letter to the truck and drove away laughing.  I laughed when she told me what she did.  She had mentioned to me she becomes really irritated a week before she gets her period.  That poor man who owned the truck just happened to be her PMS target that particular day.  I wonder what he thought when he came out of the mall and read that letter on his truck?

I heard of another story of a woman who was first married to her husband.  She wanted to impress him by making him her first lasagna.  She was pretty young at the time and moved into a new house with a new stove that she wasn’t used to.  She spent a lot of time preparing the dinner and was really excited for her new husband to come home.  She placed the lasagna in the oven and called her husband to let him know she had a special dinner in the oven when he would arrive home.  When her husband raced home to try this wonderful meal with great anticipation, she pulled the lasagna out of the oven…..she cut him a very large piece and awaited his compliment.  As he put the food in his mouth, he quickly spit the fork full of lasagna out onto the plate.  He said it wasn’t cooked!  Instead of the young woman responding back in a normal manner, she and her PMS took the whole pan of lasagna and threw it down a flight of stairs. Food, glass and all!  She didn’t?? Yes, she did!!!  Would she have done something like this any other time?  Probably not!  But, PMS ruled that night. 

I’ve heard of many other stories of women who were ready to divorce their husbands over silly things, or them getting offended by people who wouldn’t typically offend them.  Women tend to make crazy decisions a week before their period, they can eat anything that’s loaded with sugar and salt, they can cry at the drop of a hat and even question life in general.  Some women even suffer major depression around that time as well.  Everything from weight gain, feeling bloated, feeling emotionally unstable, insomnia, acne, headaches and fatigue….all can wreak havoc on your daily life.  So what can you do?  I feel like I’ve mastered my hormones over the years through food, exercise, sleep and stress management.  Let me share with you some of the things that I’ve taken out and added in.  Maybe you will try a few and see if any of these changes will help you.  Check this out…..


1. Alcohol (wine, beer, mixed drinks)

2. Caffeine (decrease, or eliminate)

3. Avoid heavy workouts

4.  Avoid heavy meats (pork and beef)

5. Avoid stressful people and situations

6. Avoid heavy salts and sugars

7. Avoid going out to eat

8. Avoid going to bed too late

9. Avoid over committing yourself to social and work functions

10. Avoid skipping meals

11. Avoid all news media

12. Avoid wearing tight clothes

13. Heavy carbs

14. Avoid or lessen over the counter drugs and prescription drugs

15. Avoid heavy chemicals (cosmetics and cleaning products)


1. Increase your steady state low impact cardio (walking, jogging, walk-run)

2. Increase your Calcium and Magnesium intake

3. Increase your vitamin D and B vitamins

4. Increase your water consumption

5. Add in more water veggies and raw foods

6. Replace heavy meats with white wild fishes

There you have it!  These are really simple things to incorporate into your PMS week.  Try them out and let me know if you see a difference.  Also, if you’ve had many years of being on birth control, or have had issues with anger and emotional stress…your liver might be a little sluggish and you might need to detox by eliminating certain foods, alcohol and drugs to help with long term benefits if you suffer from PMS.  Check your local area for a good Naturopathic Doctor who will direct you and advise you in ways that most Conventional Doctors won’t.  Listen to your body ladies and be smart….



My Favorite “EATS” in Dunedin, Florida.

My friends took me to lunch at…”THE OHANA CAFE” in Dunedin, Florida…


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I was Health Coaching a group of awesome women at my house this past Saturday.  At the end of the class, my two close friends asked me to join them for lunch.  My friends know that asking me to lunch is a special occasion, because the place we choose will not only be healthy, but must have a cool vibe going on.  I’m a big supporter of Mom and Pop places in our town. They must specialize in Organic Food and Farm to Table Practices. I feel that these places always strive to have better quality service and the food always tastes better.  Check this out….


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THE OHANA CAFE is located in Dunedin, Florida not too far from the city of Tampa in Pinellas County.  It’s on the West Coast of Florida and is a small town that sits along the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s known for it’s clear green blue waters and white sugar sandy beaches. I’ve been really lucky to live so close to a diverse town that not only offers beautiful beaches, but many options in dining, shopping and activities. My quest wherever I’m located, whether it be on vacation, or at home…is to find the healthiest places to eat and let others know about it. There are more Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free Restaurants opening up day by day across the country.  The more people who support them, the more the demand will go up, and hopefully it will drive unhealthy places out of business. Wouldn’t that be cool??

So what’s OHANA CAFE about?? 

They serve fresh organic ingredients, hormone and antibiotic free proteins, organic dairy products and they never use MSG or high fructose corn syrup.  On their menu they offer….gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.  If you’re not either of those, they offer tasty free-range Buffalo burgers with organic fries.  They even have organic coffee and smoothies!  If you’re in Dunedin, Florida stop by and check them out.  Check out some of the dishes we ate…so fresh and so tasty!  As OHANA CAFE says….”It is our dominant intent that LOVE, JOY & ALL WONDERFUL THINGS are conveyed through our food and our service!”
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