Four Animal Reminders of Nature’s Healing Power

Step outside the vortex of man’s contrived bubble of busyness and you’ll find the most humbling of experiences – nature. The energy amidst the trees, wind, moving clouds, fallen pine needles and dormant sands can cut right to the core of one’s being and promote healing in places that modern convention can’t reach. Need proof? Look no further than the animals. Our own pets know nothing short of living in the moment, and have an innate need to bask in the glorious provisions of Mother Earth. Here are the four most common lessons animals are trying to teach us:

Celebrate the Sun

The sun has received a bad rap in recent years. But almost any dog will remind you, then sun can lift your spirits, boost your immunity and even help you sleep better. Even in the south where temperatures range from warm to blazing hot, it’s not uncommon to find dogs rolling happily in the grass on a beautiful, sunny day. Sometimes they will even freeze on their back with legs raised toward the sky as if to say, “thank you heaven, for your outpouring of good vibes.”

Go Green for Good Health

Cats may be carnivores and dogs omnivores, but both creatures know where to turn for tummy troubles and more – the green grasses of nature! It’s commonly known that our furry friends munch on grass when they’re not feeling well, and while vomiting often occurs in the aftermath, this is our animals’ way of reminding us that nature heals and the right amount of greens can rid our body of poisons. If grass can cure a little tummy troubles for our friends, imagine the possibilities that exist from the Earth’s raw, organic bounty!

Embrace the Dirt

Anyone with a horse will tell you that one of the most frustrating aspects of grooming is the after-bath roll in the dirt or mud. Ever wonder why that is? Behaviorists theorize that sand and dust on the coat of an animal serve as a type of sun protectant and insect repellant. Additionally, a good roll in the mud or dirt helps with regulating body temperature on hot days. Are all the chemicals in modern sunscreens a protective necessity? Horses and many others in the wild kingdom may say otherwise.

Raise Vibrations for Healing

If life is made up of vibrational frequency, then housecats hold a key to healing.  The average feline purrs at a vibration of 20-140 Hertz, and has been said to aid in the mending of broken bones and even injured nerves, muscles, soft tissue and ligaments. Feeling stressed? Hold a cat a little closer and allow the rhythm and vibration of their purrs help lower blood pressure and reduce swelling as well.

These are just a few of the many reasons to pay respect to animal behaviors. From creating their own pharmacies to embracing the power of now, animals have a way of connecting with and harnessing power from the Earth and “self” that humans can certainly learn from.