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Fast, Crunchy, Flavorful and Cheap!  Are you hungry? 




When I was a kid, my Nana would use cabbage in a variety of different dishes.  She would use Green Cabbage a lot in delicious soups. Other times, she would over cook the cabbage… and by the time it got to the table, all it’s flavor would be gone!  My Brother and I would look at each other in disgust, and plan our cabbage escape.  We knew the dogs in the house wouldn’t eat the cabbage, so that left us to hide it in a napkin and run as far away as possible after dinner. 

My Mom on the other hand, did a better job with cabbage as we got older.  She would make really awesome cabbage salads and also use it in stir fry dishes from time to time.  As I got older, I found new ways to cook with cabbage.  I’ve become fond of Red Cabbage.  Red Cabbage to me looks friendly.  Doesn’t it?  The red color is so inviting and if cooked right…it promises to love you by adding a tremendous amount of phytonutrients to your body.  Now who can deny that kind of love?

The dish I want to share with you is so simple and fresh.  If you’re a single bachelor, have a large family, or on a tight budget…this is your dish!  I sense you’re hungry?  Let’s get started…



1 to 2 cups of chopped Red Organic Cabbage

1/2 of a cup of chopped small Yellow Organic Onion

1 to 1 1/2 tablespoon of Organic Olive Oil

1/2 of a cup of Organic Flat Italian Parsley chopped

1/2 teaspoon of unrefined Sea Salt

1 cup of Organic Red Quinoa

1 teaspoon of minced garlic


Boil a small pot of water for Red Quinoa on high.  Once boiled, take 1 cup of your quinoa and place into boiling water.  Reduce heat to medium high.  Boil for 15 to 20 minutes, or until soft. While Quinoa is cooking, wash your Red Cabbage and your parsley.  Chop cabbage, parsley and onion.  Heat a pan of Olive Oil on medium to high heat.  Once heated, place minced garlic and onions in pan to brown.  Reduce heat to medium.  Add in your cabbage and mix all into oil.  Cook cabbage no longer than 2 minutes.  You want to retain as much crunch and rawness as possible.  Add in your parsley and sea salt.  Mix all together and reduce heat to low.  Pull your quinoa out of pot and drain.  Add quinoa to heated pan of veggies and mix.  Take out a nice plate and ready to serve! 

Note:  This meal will take 20 minutes to cook.  If you cook the quinoa the night before, it will only take you 10 minutes tops.  Try and keep the cabbage from over cooking.

Purpose of Dish:  This dish is perfect for people that have digestive issues, people who are short on time, vegans , gluten sensitivity issues and kids who need veggies.  Red Quinoa has the highest protein content of any grain.  You may find it at most Health Food Stores, like Wholefoods and Trader Joes.  Neighborhood grocery stores should carry it as well.  If you live out in the country, you may order it online.  Enjoy!!  Remember…the healthier you eat, the less conversations you will have with your doctor and the more time you will have enjoying life!


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Kitty in the kitchen watching me cook…..me trying to get Kitty in picture who ran to get me an apron…..       


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When I think of Green Peas…. it reminds me of a friend who used to torture me in the early morning with the smell of cooked peas.  Yes, my friend would eat cooked peas and egg whites every morning as I drove us to school.  I was never crazy about these green little fellows, especially when the smell takes up your whole car at the crack of dawn.  So what changed my opinion about the small green monsters? 


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Over the last few years I made a decision to eat less meat and take in more vegetables and beans. I don’t claim to be a vegan, but since I’ve made that change, my metabolism has increased with less effort in the gym.  My digestion has approved as well.  Green Peas are loaded in nutrients and minerals.  They can pack major protein in just one cup and also have a high content in vitamin C.  I also like the fact that they’re really affordable to buy and you can make several different recipes with them.  My Kitty helped with this recipe by watching, but refused to taste it.  All the more for me!  If you need energy and want something easy to make…try this Green Pea Garlic Dip.  It can be used as a simple dip for a party with some organic chips, or veggies on the side.  You can also take it to work and have it over a bed of greens.  Give it a go…..


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1 cup of Green Organic Dried Fresh Peas, or frozen. (I buy my peas dried by the bulk at Whole Foods)

1 tablespoon of Vegan Mayo

1/2 of an Organic Lemon squeezed

1/2 cup of fresh chopped Organic Cilantro

1/2 cup of Organic Red, or White Onion chopped

1 1/2 tablespoon of minced Organic Garlic

1 teaspoon of unrefined Sea Salt

1/2 ounce of crumbled Organic Feta Cheese

1/2 of Organic Cucumber Sliced into 4-6 pieces



Boil 3 to 4 cups of water in a small pot.  If you’re using dried peas, you may soak them the night before in water to soften them.  I sometimes will do that and other times I just boil them until they’re soft.  After your water is boiling, add in a cup of peas and cook on medium high for about 20-30 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, lower the heat to medium.  Keep checking on your peas to see how soft they become. Once the peas are done, drain them and let them cool for a few minutes.  Pull out your food processor and add beans.  Add in your mayo, minced garlic, chopped onion, salt, cilantro and lemon juice. Mix all ingredients until blended and nice and smooth.  Pull out a bowl and place dip in the middle.  Take your cleaned cucumber and chop into 4-6 pieces.  Place cucumber pieces around dip.  Crumble your feta cheese on top at the end.  You may also serve this on a bed of greens, or just have as a snack with some organic chips.

Note:  This whole dish will take 25- 30 minutes if you’re having to boil beans.  If you’ve soaked them the night before it will probably only take you 15-20 minutes.  Make a bigger serving and have as a quick snack for a couple of days.

Purpose of dish: Increases fiber, which is helpful for digestion and bile in your body.  It’s high in iron, folic acid and magnesium.  It’s affordable to make and also really high in vitamin C.


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Italian meets Spanish on the same plate……..

Have you ever craved two types of ethnic foods and wanted to eat them in the same meal?  I have!  Check out what I made the other night when I had my Italian/Spanish craving. This dish is so simple to make and it will have you and your family craving more after they try it.  I like to call this my “fun weekend dish.”  Usually, during the week I don’t use much oil, or cheese.  But, on the weekends, I still eat healthy and just add more flavor to my dishes by using extra taste.

This dish is filled with so many nutrients and it virtually costs nothing to make.  The Portabello Mushroom is really low in calories and has a nice balance of carbs and proteins with very little fat. Mushrooms have a really well balanced acid-alkaline balance.  They’re also really high in potassium. The Yucca plant in this meal is high in fiber and helps with digestion.  The Dandelion Greens on the side are high in vitamin C and B6. You can find mostly all the ingredients to this recipe in most grocery stores.  If you’re short on time and want to put something out that looks like it took a lot of effort….than this is your dish.  Enjoy!


4 tablespoons of organic olive oil

1/2 to 1 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt

1 tablespoon of Basil Pesto by 365

1 ounce of organic low moisture mozzarella cheese by Organic Valley

1 whole organic portabello mushroom with stem

1 cup of organic dandelion greens

1 whole yucca root peeled

1/2 cup of organic cilantro


Wash and dry all your fresh foods first.  Preheat your oven to 350 while you’re prepping your meal.  Boil a small pot of water on your stove for the Yucca.  Take out your Yucca Root and remove outer layer with a peeler, or knife.  Cut yucca into 3 to 4 big pieces.  Boil yucca until it softens, or until you can get a fork in it.  While yucca is boiling, place your mushroom face up on a baking pan, or foil.  Pull stem out of mushroom and cut in two.  Place each part of stem on each side of mushroom.  Garnish mushroom with Pesto Basil Sauce. Cut up your cheese and place on top of garnished mushroom.  Place mushroom in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden brown and cheese has melted. While your mushroom is cooking, pull your yucca out and let cool on a cutting board.  Cut yucca up into small wedges.  Heat small skillet with your olive oil on medium to high heat.  Place your chopped yucca in pan.  Lower heat to medium and cook until yucca is brown.  Pull out a nice plate while yucca is browning.  Place your Dandelion Greens in a circle around your plate leaving an opening in the middle for your mushroom.  Once your mushroom and yucca are done, place mushroom and stems in the middle of the plate.  Take yucca wedges and place all around and on top of greens.  Use left over oil in pan to drizzle over entire dish.  You may garnish the rest of the plate with the cilantro and sea salt.  Ready to serve!

Note: This whole dish might take you 20-25 minutes at the most.  If you prepare everything the night before, it might take you less time.

Purpose of Dish:  Helps with digestion, relieves inflammation, high in fiber, helps balance acid in the body, helps regulate blood pressure, high in magnesium and potassium, provides tastes.

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Quick and Easy Egg Salad Wrap

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Can you cook and text at the same time?  I can!  You can too!  Make this simple lunch, dinner….or quick snack in under 10 minutes.  I used healthy organic eggs and bought these really cool low calorie Paleo Wraps.  These wraps are awesome!  They’re gluten free, light, high in potassium and satisfying enough to your palate. You won’t feel bloated!  Check it out…


4 to 5 organic boiled eggs. (take out all the yolks and keep only one)

1 tablespoon of organic light mayo

1 organic scallion chopped

1/2 cup or organic romaine lettuce

4 to 5 organic baby carrots

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

1 Paleo wrap


Boil all your eggs in a pot on medium high for about 7 minutes.  Wash your romaine lettuce, carrots and scallions.  Dry your veggies.  Chop your scallion up into small pieces.  Place your wrap flat on top of a plate.  Place your lettuce in the middle of wrap.  Remove eggs from pot.  Wait for eggs to cool under cold filtered water.  Remove all shells and yolks of eggs leaving one yolk remaining.  Place all eggs in a nice size bowl with your mayo.  Mix in scallions, mayo and eggs until a nice salad is formed.  Place egg salad on wrap.  You may eat wrap open or closed.  Add your baby carrots on the side and serve.


Easy and fun!  I like quick recipes that are healthy.  This is one of them!  I eat this if I’m coming home late from the gym and have finished a long day with clients.  The total protein count is just above 30 grams with hardly any carbs.  You may find the wrap at certain health food stores.  You may also try and order them online.  If you’re unable to find them, you may also purchase organic flax, or millet wraps.

Purpose of dish: Dish is high in protein, high in amino acids and potassium.  Simple, fun and quick!  Enjoy!

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Quick Wild Cod & Kraut Salad Recipe



Who said fish can’t be tasty?  Wild Cod says he can!  I’m not going to try and sell you on eating fish.  However, I can easily prove to you it will taste good with a few simple ingredients during your busy week.  I like to try and keep meals during the week down to 15 to 20 minutes as far as cooking time.  This meal gets straight to the point.  You can find Wild Cod at most grocery stores today.  Cod is loaded in vitamin b12 and b6.  It’s loaded in omega-3fatty acids and will send your chicken packing his bags at the front door!  See ya later Chicken, Papa Cod is in the house!  A 3 ounce serving of Cod can provide anywhere up to 21 grams of protein per serving.  Wow!  Get yourself to the store now and make this dish.  Hurry, before Mister Chicken comes back and retaliates….Enjoy!


2-3 sprays of Organic Olive Oil Spray

1 tablespoon of Organic Minced Garlic in a jar (Do not buy the one from China.  Pick California)

3 ounces of Wild Cod

1/2 cup to 1 cup of Beagle Bay Organic Raw Sauerkraut (you may find other brands in store)

1 whole organic scallion chopped small

1 cup of organic baby spinach

1 teaspoon of ground organic turmeric

1/3 of a cup of grated raw organic goat cheese (you may also use goat cheese from Europe if you’re unable to find raw and organic)

1/2 cup of organic fresh lemon squeezed


Wash your fish under filtered water.  Pull out two paper towels, or a dish towel to dry fish with. Squeeze your lemon over the top of fish.  Heat your skillet to medium high.  Spray olive oil spray in pan and mix in minced garlic.  Place fish in heated pan and reduce heat to medium.  Fish doesn’t need to be over cooked.  Keep flipping fish until inside isn’t pink and outside is slightly brown.  Take your fresh spinach and scallions…wash them really well.  Place spinach on a plate.  Chop your scallions and dress around the raw spinach.  Pull your fish out and place in the middle on top of your spinach.  As an option: grab your Beagle Bay Raw Organic Sauerkraut and dress around the fish for added crunchy flavor.  Kraut is served cold as the veggies are. Sprinkle your turmeric over the top of your fish.  Garnish dish with goat cheese and left over lemon.  This whole dish is 15 minutes tops.  Yummy!

Note: Be sure to buy really good quality fish and make is as soon as you buy it.  Try not to let your fish sit too long in the fridge.  Keep all your veggies raw for this dish if possible.

Purpose of Dish: This dish is high in amino acids.  Amino Acids will help keep your collagen nice and firm.  The spinach is high in iron and the kraut makes for a nice probiotic without having to spend a lot of money on probiotic supplements.  It’s easy and fast.


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Quick Lentil and Brown Rice Recipe


Eat comfort Food and still be fit!

Who doesn’t love a tasty beans and rice dish with flavor?  I have just the dish for you!  Guess what?  It’s healthy too!  This dish is screaming energy and it has your name on it.  Imagine having only 15 minutes to make a dish that promises hours of happiness.  This dish is high in fiber, great for gluten intolerance people, easy to make for the single person on the run and flavorful enough to take to work.  Have this dish cold the following day without using a microwave to reheat.  This dish won’t break your wallet either and you can still use all organic products.  I eat it this meal at least once, or twice a week.  Try it!


1/2 cup, or 1 cup of organic white onion chopped

1 tablespoon of organic minced garlic

2-3 cloves of organic whole garlic chopped

2-3 sprays of organic olive oil cooking spray

1 tablespoon of organic butter salted, or unsalted

1/2 cup, or 1 cup of organic long grain brown rice

1/2 cup, or 1 cup of organic low sodium BPA free canned lentils

1/2 cup of organic kale chopped

1/2 cup of organic Italian parsley chopped

1 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt

1/2 of organic fresh lemon squeezed


Wash and dry all your fresh food first.  Dice up all your garlic, onions, parsley and kale.  Heat skillet on medium to high heat.  Spray skillet with olive oil spray.  Wait for pan to get hot.  Place minced garlic in pan first.  Add in whole chopped garlic cloves and chopped white onion.  Mix all together and lower temperature to medium heat.  Cook for about 5 minutes, or until you see onions turn slightly brown.  Add in already prepared brown rice.  I usually prepare my rice the night before to save time the following day.  If you’re making rice the same day, it will add 15 minutes to your recipe.  Stir rice in pan and add in your butter.  Add in your kale and beans. Add in your parsley and sea salt.  Let all ingredients mix in together for a few minutes on medium heat.  Take lemon and squeeze over top of dish.  Sprinkle sea salt at the end.  Turn off stove and serve in a nice round dish.

Note:  This whole dish should only take 15 minutes.  I like to add veggies and some herbs at the end to maintain as many enzymes as possible. I use a lot of garlic in most of my dishes to prevent bacteria and fungus from building up in my body.  The garlic will help to boost your immune system. If you have thyroid issues, you may substitute the kale and change it to spinach.  You may also replace the beans with an organic meat if you’re unable to have too much fiber.

Purpose of Dish: Helps move bile through the gallbladder, is high in vitamin B, which is great for depression, high in sulfur and magnesium.  Simple and affordable.  Great for lunch, or dinner.  Enjoy!



No Potatoes?  Whatever!

I love Red Potatoes!  I usually add this dish with a salad and a protein.  I sometimes will even add it to egg whites in the morning.  It makes for a wholesome taste in your mouth, while delivering some energy through out your day.  One cup of these baby reds is only 108 calories.  Take with you to work and eat it cool.  Eating red potatoes cold the following day will make the starch more resistant and it drops on the Glycemic index by 37%.  No need to heat in the microwave at work!  Also, keep the skins on and it will add extra fiber.  Check it out. (I used all organic products.)

1 cup of organic red potatoes diced
1/2 cup of organic red, or white onion chopped
1 organic garlic clove chopped
1/3 cup of organic parsley chopped, or in bottle
1/2 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt, or himala salt
3-4 sprays of organic olive oil spray, or 1 tablespoon of organic olive oil
Wash and dry all your fresh stuff first. Dice potatoes keeping skins on, chop your garlic and onions up small.  Heat your skillet on medium high. Spray your olive oil spray on pan.  Once heated, put in your onions and garlic until slightly brown.  Add in red potatoes.  Mix together for at least 5 minutes, or until you can easily put a fork through potatoes as they soften.  Add in salt over the top as well as your parsley.
Note:  This whole dish takes only 10 minutes at the most.  I keep my potatoes as crunchy as possible to maintain some enzymes.
Purpose of Dish:  Adds fiber, high potassium and delivers energy to your cells.  Pair this with a veggie, or protein.  Great for a snack too!  Enjoy!