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Serendipity Café in Dunedin, Florida…..


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My Kitty knows when I’m up to something.  She will sleep with one eye open and keep her nose in all my business.  She knew this particular day I was on my way to meet a special friend for lunch at Serendipity Café. With my busy schedule running my business, I always try and plan ahead for dates with family and close friends.  Sometimes life can get really busy, and we may find ourselves slowly disconnecting from the people we care about most.


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As all of you know, I rarely go out to eat.  But, when I do…I try and search out the healthiest restaurants and privately owned ones if possible.  I recently did a post on another restaurant that’s also healthy in Dunedin, Florida, called Ohana Cafe.  I would have to say we’re slowly getting more and more healthier options in my town.  I hope all of you are as well!  Please email me if you do, and I would be more than happy to post something on your healthy place in your town.


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What did my friend and I eat that day?  We both started out with an Organic Veggie Plate and Homemade Hummus.  I ordered a fresh cold Organic Tea as I chated with my friend about her week.  For the main dish, I ordered a Gluten Free Portabello Mushroom Wrap that was melted in a special Organic Sauce. I had a side order of Organic Cole Slaw that was nice and crunchy.  On the side, I had some Organic Red Potatoes.  My friend ordered this Gluten Free Pasta dish that was decorated in bright Organic Kale, Green Capers and White Beans.  We both couldn’t resist the desert.  I ordered this unforgetable Organic Almond Protein Packed Sweet Bites with Hot Organic Green Tea.  My friend ordered this splendid Almond Gluten Free Brownie with Organic Coffee.  It was perfect!  It was a memorable lunch in our busy lives. 


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My Favorite “EATS” in Dunedin, Florida.

My friends took me to lunch at…”THE OHANA CAFE” in Dunedin, Florida…


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I was Health Coaching a group of awesome women at my house this past Saturday.  At the end of the class, my two close friends asked me to join them for lunch.  My friends know that asking me to lunch is a special occasion, because the place we choose will not only be healthy, but must have a cool vibe going on.  I’m a big supporter of Mom and Pop places in our town. They must specialize in Organic Food and Farm to Table Practices. I feel that these places always strive to have better quality service and the food always tastes better.  Check this out….


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THE OHANA CAFE is located in Dunedin, Florida not too far from the city of Tampa in Pinellas County.  It’s on the West Coast of Florida and is a small town that sits along the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s known for it’s clear green blue waters and white sugar sandy beaches. I’ve been really lucky to live so close to a diverse town that not only offers beautiful beaches, but many options in dining, shopping and activities. My quest wherever I’m located, whether it be on vacation, or at home…is to find the healthiest places to eat and let others know about it. There are more Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free Restaurants opening up day by day across the country.  The more people who support them, the more the demand will go up, and hopefully it will drive unhealthy places out of business. Wouldn’t that be cool??

So what’s OHANA CAFE about?? 

They serve fresh organic ingredients, hormone and antibiotic free proteins, organic dairy products and they never use MSG or high fructose corn syrup.  On their menu they offer….gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.  If you’re not either of those, they offer tasty free-range Buffalo burgers with organic fries.  They even have organic coffee and smoothies!  If you’re in Dunedin, Florida stop by and check them out.  Check out some of the dishes we ate…so fresh and so tasty!  As OHANA CAFE says….”It is our dominant intent that LOVE, JOY & ALL WONDERFUL THINGS are conveyed through our food and our service!”
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