Using Toxic Dish Detergent?

Using Toxic Dish Detergent?


There’s no better way to get a sink full of dirty dishes cleaned quickly than using your dishwasher.  When I was a kid, we lived with my Grandmother and we didn’t have the luxury of having a dishwasher back in the day.  For some people, that might not sound like a big deal, but if you were like my family who cooked every meal….washing dishes by hand wasn’t something I looked forward to.  My mother still today despite having a dishwasher still washes every dish by hand.

If you’re busy and running a house full of people, you probably like to use your dishwasher at least once a day?  I would hope that most of you are cooking most of your meals at home.  I would assume if you’re trying to eat healthy you would probably want to know what your dishes are being washed with?

It took me many years to convert most of all my food from Conventional to Organic Food. Once I started changing my food, I began to change other things in my house as well.  I used to be a huge cleaning fanatic back in the day.  I would buy the most toxic bleach and even use those nice smelling Glade Plug Air Fresheners.  Remember those?  I would spend hours cleaning most of my house from top to bottom on the weekend with the most toxic chemicals.  I would pride myself on the shine and the smell of fresh smelling bleach all through the house.  By the end of the day, I would have a pounding headache and would feel extremely dizzy.  The dog was even sick and he would look at me like he wanted to vomit.

It took me awhile to switch each item in my house to toxic free and all natural cleaning products.  Cancer is so prevalent today and we not only consume a lot of our toxic chemicals from our food, but we also absorb a lot of it from simple products we use everyday in our homes.

So where can we start with you today?  I think you should change your dish detergent this week.  When I was using Cascade and even Dawn Dish Detergent, I would always see a funny residue left on the dishes that would never come out.  As I was changing all my Organic Food in the house, my taste buds were changing and it was becoming easier for me to taste chemicals on the plates and glasses after they were washed.  So I decided to look into what was in the Conventional Dish Detergent.  This what I found in a short summary of just the top 3 harmful chemicals….

Methylistothiazolinone-Preservative that can cause an allergic reaction to some people.  It was tested and found to be a Neurotoxin by the Environmental Working Group on brain cells of mammals.

Phthalates:  These chemicals are in a lot of our makeup products and plastic products.  They’re known in many studies to be huge estrogen and testosterone disruptors.

Propylene Glycol:  This chemical is used in anti-freeze for car radiators and is used in dish detergents.  Studies show it’s been linked to liver and kidney dysfunction.

Those are just 3 chemicals that I listed in some of your most popular brands of dish detergent.  Will you still use them?  I hope not!

What do I use?  I will usually buy the toxic free Seventh Generation Dish Detergent at Target.  It’s free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine.  You may also pick up the other chemical free more natural products there by Method as well. It won’t cost you that much more.  Try and find coupons online.  Amazon has some pretty good deals as well on natural cleaning products.


Hopefully some of you will use this easy and helpful tip.  Think about how many times you use your toxic dish detergent in a month.  Than, think about that residue being absorbed into your body when you eat off your dishes.  It might not be such a big deal once or twice…but what if it’s month after month for several years?  How important are your kidneys and your liver to you?  Your kidneys and your liver are the two main filtering organs of your body.  Be kind to them.

God Bless…..





Coconut Kale Rainbow Quinoa (Under 400 Calories)


Do you suffer from digestive issues?  Digestive issues could be one reason you’re having a hard time losing weight.  Today, I’ve included one special recipe for you that’s healing for your gut lining, it doesn’t cause bloat, is high in fiber, under 400 calories and packed with nutrients.  I like to keep all my recipes simple and with a purpose.  This recipe serves not only high nutrients, but it’s Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly, Body Builder Friendly and Affordable! Let’s make it together.



2-3 Sprays on Non-Stick Organic Olive Oil Spray

2-3 Organic Scallions Chopped

3-4 Organic Bella Mushrooms Chopped

2-4 Stems of Organic Kale peeled off stem and chopped, or 1 cup of Organic Kale Chopped

1/2-1 cup of Organic Tricolored Quinoa

1/2 teaspoon Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt


Pull out a nice size skillet and place on your stove.  Take out your Kale, Scallions and Mushrooms.  Wash them with filtered water and dry.  Cut your scallions and mushrooms up on a cutting board. Peel your Kale Leaves off of stem and chop. While you’re preparing your veggies, pull out a small sauce pot and fill with 2 cups of filtered water and boil.  Once water is boiled, add in a cup of your quinoa to boiling water and reduce heat from high to medium high.  It should take you about 15 minutes to make.  Once Quinoa is puffy looking, strain left over water in strainer.  Heat your skillet to medium/high.  Spray your Olive Oil Spray in pan.  Once pan is heated, add your scallions, mushrooms and kale to pan.  Once the veggies are browned, add in your quinoa and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil.  Mix all ingredients together on medium heat for 3 minutes.  Add a dash of your Himalayan Salt.

Side Note:

Organic Quinoa can be found in most grocery stores today.  You can also purchase the Red Quinoa as well.  Quinoa is the only grain that provides all your needed amino acids to make a complete protein.  It’s also very lower in the Glycemic Index and won’t cause a spike in your Insulin Levels. It’s also very affordable if you’re trying to make large meals that are organic.  When you purchase the Coconut Oil, try and buy the Unrefined Organic brand.  Coconut Oil should always be measured as it’s still considered a fat.  Coconut Oil works wonders in your diet if you’re battling yeast as it has Lauric and Caprylic Acid substances in it.  This will work well for other forms of bacteria too.  This whole dish should take you 15-20 minutes.  If you use 1 cup of Quinoa, it will serve 1-2 people.  One cup of Quinoa cooked is about 222 calories.  If you’re cooking for 4 people, you may double or triple up on all ingredients.


“The Lord will guide you continually, watering your life when you are dry and keeping you healthy, too.  You will be like a well watered garden like an ever-flowing spring. Isaiah 58:11.


Benefits of Quail Eggs verses Chicken Eggs

Quail Eggs?  Really?


I’m always researching and trying new foods for myself, family, friends, blog readers and clients.  I like to use myself as the guinea pig and come up with an opinion on how it worked for me and what I’ve learned over the years through much Wellness Education.  I don’t believe one person could learn everything in a lifetime regarding the body.  The body is an amazing tool.  God has made the human body ready to receive the most natural nutrients from the earth to heal us when needed.  We just need to open our ears and eyes and be smart enough to seek it.

Quail Eggs.

I’ve spent a lot of years eating egg whites from Organic Chickens.  Organic Chicken Eggs are loaded with amino acids.  They have high levels of vitamins as well as selenium, calcium and zinc.  They’re also loaded in protein and are really easy to make.  But, sometimes one can get really bored by always consuming chicken eggs on a daily basis after so many years.

In the last few months, I decided to change up my egg routine and alternate by using Quail Eggs.  These tiny little fellows can pack a powerful punch of nutrients and have 4-5 times the amount of nutrients than chicken eggs.  When I started looking into the history of Quail Eggs I couldn’t believe it.  Asian Doctors have been using Quail Eggs for centuries and still do to treat or prevent many different diseases.

I was in my local Health Food Store not too long ago and decided to speak to my egg guy about Quail Eggs.  He had mentioned that most of the Quail Eggs they sell are always sold out within the first two days they arrive at the store.  I knew after he told me this, I had to jump up on my research and try them myself.

So what are the facts?

Quail Birds are very small mid-sized birds that can be found in the United States, Europe, Asia and North Africa.  They’re much smaller than chicken eggs, but you can consume a certain amount a few times a week to get the many nutritional benefits they provide.

Nutritional Benefits

Less acidic than chicken eggs

High in vitamin A which helps your vision

High in vitamin C to kill free radicals in the body

Helps prevent allergies because of the protein Ovomucoid, which is a natural antiallergenic.

Helps Cholesterol by having beneficial fatty acids by boosting your HDL, which is your Happy Cholesterol.

Detoxes the body by cleansing the liver and the kidneys.  If you have kidney stones, this is a great way to rid them from your body naturally.

Increases Sex Drive by having a dense amount of minerals and micronutrients that increase overall energy.

One cool fact…you can eat these raw just like Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky.  Quail Birds have a warmer body temperature than Chickens do, which in turn prevents bacteria from coming into the eggs.  You may mix the raw egg into a smoothie and consume all the raw nutrients right away.

Where can you find them?

You may check at your local Farmer’s Market, Health Food Stores and also private farms online that deliver.  If you’re trying to fight disease, need more healthy protein, have a toxic liver and can only consume less acidic proteins, have allergies, need to balance hormones, have kidney stones or just want to try something new….buy this little Super Bird!  God gave him a job and his job is to keep us healthy.  Try it!


My opinion on the taste of Quail eggs…I thought they tasted like heaven!  After the eggs were cooked in a pan like a small omelet, they were a beautiful bright healthy yellow and tasted like butter.  I would consider this a complete Super Food.  I’ve added this to my diet a few times a week.


Have a great week eating healthy and tasty foods!  Look for my next Quail Article on Quail Meat.  Don’t forget to share this post to someone who might need this helpful information.  God Bless and thanks for reading!

fullsizerender-74“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for You are my praise.” -Jeremiah 17:14



150 Calorie Turkey Kale Wrap

The start of the New Year can be a hectic first few months for everyone.  New work deadlines, new goals and new eating habits can put a lot of mental stress on all of us.   When I get home from a long day of driving on the road and tending to clients all day…sometimes I don’t feel like cooking.  I always make sure I’m prepared by having my kitchen fully stocked with easy foods to put together in a short amount of time.  I find that if I’m always prepared ahead of time with all my meals, there’s less of a chance for me to eat the wrong foods.  Is this true for some of you?  Well, I’m here to help.


What to do with the Turkey Kale Wraps?


1 cup of Organic Kale chopped

1 Organic Scallion chopped

1 Organic Roma Tomato sliced

1 tablespoon Light Organic Mayo

4 ounces or 4-5 pieces of Organic Plainville Turkey Deli Meat


Wash your kale, scallion and tomato.  Place all veggies on a cutting board and chop into small pieces.  Pull out a nice plate and place your deli turkey meat on plate laying flat.  Take out your light mayo and divide up a tablespoon by coating each piece.  Place a little bit of kale, scallion and tomato on each piece of turkey.  Wrap or roll each piece as tight as possible.  You may use additional veggies that are left for a small salad in the middle.

Note: Guess how long this takes?  It should take you 6 minutes at the most. The Organic Turkey is lean. The Kale is high in magnesium, high in fiber and iron.  The Scallions are wonderful for adding flavor and have an important mineral called Sulfur in them that’s needed for the Liver.



Remember… one step at a time with each piece of food will bring you closer to being your best self.  Stay healthy and be positive this New Year!




5 Cardio Tips For Weight Loss

Happy New Year!


Cardio?  Who likes Cardio?  It gets your heart pumping and you end up in a big ball of sweat!  So why do it?

Today there’s so much information out there about who should do cardio, why you shouldn’t do cardio and what types of cardio work best.  Every trainer will give their own theory based I what they believe, or what training they’ve had.  Some information is good and some isn’t so good.

What do I believe and what can I share with you?

Every person has a different body type, a different goal and different health issues.  Everyone eats differently and has a different long term goals for their health.  I’ve seen the exercise industry change a lot in the last 25 years.  Health Clubs used to offer more classes that emphasized steady state cardio as well as circuit training classes.  Today, I noticed a lot of those classes have changed into yoga classes and just circuit training classes.  All the steady state cardio classes have either diminished, or are very limited.  Why is that?  Well, people have less time and I believe the exercise industry likes to cater to what people want as opposed to what people need.

Most people today have desk jobs that require them to sit longer than 9 hours a day.  This doesn’t include the time everyone spends driving, sleeping in bed and watching television.  How much time does that leave someone in their day where they’re actually not sitting in one place?  Do the math and figure it out.  Not much!

When you take an overweight person who’s of any age and you sit them for at least 18 hours a day for 30 years….what will that do?  It’s called tissue death!  It’s called shrinkage of your heart muscle, increased visceral fat, back pain, slower digestion, bad posture and total depression.  If you take that same person that’s in their late 30’s and give them a 3 day a week circuit training class that’s only 45 minutes long…how far will they reach their goal?  Not much.

What can you do right now this year?


Here are my top 5 Tips on Cardio related to Weight Loss.

1. Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach

If you’re tired at the end of the day and want to decrease your body fat….. and increase your overall VO2 max , do your cardio in the morning.  The second you walk out onto that pavement, or treadmill…you will be burning fat as opposed to waiting in the evening when you’re burning out most of your glucose storage for the first 20 minutes.  In the morning, your glucose storage is pretty close to empty and your body is waiting for some fat burning.

2. Make better cardio choices

I have really strong opinions on what machines to use or what types of cardio you get the more bang for your buck.  Here’s my list in order of what I would choose first to least.  Cardio choices: 1.Running, 2. Step Class, Stairmaster or Boxing Class, 3. Rowing Machine, 4. Speed Walk/Run, Speed Walking, 5. Long Distance Biking 6.Elliptical 7. Swimming

3. Running verses indoor and outdoor

If you live in an area that you can trail run, or run outside…than do it as much as you can.  Treadmill running is fun too, but running outside will force your abs to work harder because they’re trying to keep your back in line.  You will notice an immediate change in your abdominal and low back area first…if you do some of your runs outside.  The treadmill is a great way to keep your speed in check and it forces you to stay at a certain pace.  If you’re a beginner, start with a walk/run and work yourself up to a full run little by little.  You may walk 3 minutes and run 1 minute. Remember, your heart is a muscle and it will get stronger each time.

4.  Cardio with music or not? Motivation.

Are you stressed and need to zone out?  Are you working out right after work?  Than, prepare your headset with music that relaxes your mind for the first 10 minutes of your session.  After you get your mind cleared, than pump up some dance, rock or anything that motivates you.  If you don’t like music, than play something funny on Youtube like your favorite comedian.  Just take the time to get yourself thinking outside of work and life for a bit.

5. Change up your workout environment

Everyone can get stuck in a rut day in and day out.  Working out around the same people or place can make anyone feel like it’s groundhog day!  So what do you do?  If you have a gym membership that is for many gyms, consider going to a different one every other workout. If the weather is good, alternate your workouts from indoor to outdoor.  Run one day, do a boxing class another day or workout one morning a week instead of doing everything at night.  Trick yourself!

Remember to try and do at least 30-60 minutes of cardio 4-6 days a week.  Journal your food intake and exercises as much as possible.  Consider doing some strength training 2-3 times a week to keep your bones and muscles strong.  Cardio will help decrease your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, alleviate depression, decrease body fat and increase total blood circulation.

Jaime’s extra tip…If you don’t like to weigh yourself…the best way to know where you need to be is to keep measuring your waistline.  This will give you a good overall idea of how much progress you’re making with your eating plan and workouts.  Also, if you’re feeling tired before your cardio session…pretend someone is chasing you!  LOL.


Look for healthy meals and quick recipes to go along with your workouts this year on my blog.  Happy New Year!



My favorite trail run…




New Year Noodle Recipe Under 150 calories


Is it possible to have a dish this big and still be under 150 calories?  Well, yes it is!

It’s the New Year and you want to make a fresh start right?  What better way to do that by starting with this recipe right here.  You may even make this recipe to be under 80 calories if you take out the meat.  I like to include meat in my recipe, because I workout a lot and can use any extra lean protein.  But, if you’re a vegan…you may add extra veggies to this dish and take out the turkey.  You may also add in GMO Free Tofu.

What makes this dish so low in calories and still full of nutrients?

If you’re use to using pasta or even rice in your dishes, it can be easy to rack up the carbs and calories in one meal.  If you have a desk job and a slow metabolism, than cutting some of your carb intake at certain times of the day is a good idea. If you’re running a tight schedule and want to stay in shape…this is your dish!

Run out and buy the White Yam Calorie Free Noodle at your local Health Food Store.  You may also try and find it online as well.

fullsizerender-304Why I like these?

I love  these noodles because they act as a Prebiotic in the body and help lift the beneficial bacteria in your gut.  They provide a small amount of fiber and hardly any calories.  They will help lower your total cholesterol according to most studies.  The fun fact about these noodles is that they will actually help maintain your blood sugar without causing a spike.  Pasta can’t do that!  Buy these at once!  You can do so many fun recipes with them and stay in shape.  Here’s one of my recipes below.



1-2 sprays of Non-stick Organic Olive Oil

2 organic scallions chopped

1 teaspoon of minced organic garlic (from California, NOT CHINA)

3-4 ounces of Organic or Natural Hormone Free Turkey Tenderloin cut into small pieces.  Meat can be optional if you’re a vegan.  You may also use Organic Beef if you prefer.  The beef will take the calories up a bit and also be harder on your digestion.

5-6 organic Bella Mushrooms chopped

1 cup of organic cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup of organic cilantro chopped

1 cup of organic spinach

a pinch of sea salt

1 whole packet of Shirataki Noodles (White Yam substitute)

drizzled hot sauce of your choice (choose organic if possible)


Heat a medium size skillet on medium to high heat.  Spray pan with non stick spray. Once pan is heated, place your minced garlic, scallions and mushrooms in pan.  Brown and mix those. Place measured, washed and chopped Turkey into your pan and mix into other items that are browning.  Take heat down to medium heat.  Cook Turkey until pink is gone and a slightly brown color.  Add in your cherry tomatoes, cilantro and spinach.  Mix those in with everything.  Pull out your noodles and place them in a strainer.  Rinse them with filtered water.  Once they’re cleaned and strained…place them in your pan and mix with veggies and meat.  Drizzle a small amount of hot sauce if you wish for flavor.  You may also use a lime or a lemon as well.  Cook noodles with everything for about 3-4 minutes.  Once done, place food on a nice dish with a dash of sea salt over the top.  Enjoy!

Guess what??  If you used 4 ounces of the Turkey with this dish…you’re only having 118 calories in this dish!  That’s amazing.



2 Tips For Glowing Skin

2 Tips For Glowing Skin


Do you need help with your skin?

There are many ways to keep your skin looking healthier.  I’ve always been asked by many people what do I do to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful.  I could give you an important list of things that I truly believe in. But, for now I want to give you just 2 basic things I do every night before bed.  If you’ve been following my blog, I speak a lot about certain foods, exercise and how to stay stress free.  Usually, the way your skin looks and the texture of your hair is a good indication of what’s going on inside your body.

Some people may want to better their skin for vanity purposes, but my goal has always been about the inside of my body first.  If some of you are battling skin issues….I always ask my clients how their digestion is, how much sweating are they doing and what kind of sleep are they getting.  But, what if those things are in line and someone is still breaking out, or has dry skin?

What are you using on your face at night to cleanse off dirt or makeup?


Despite all the healthy things I’ve tried to do over the years for my skin, I found that changing my Cotton Balls and adding Witch Hazel at night to my regimen before bed made a drastic change in the texture of my skin. Why is that?

Did you know that cotton is sprayed with a chemical called “Aldicarb” that never washes out?  Let me repeat….”It never washes out!”  Where do you think that chemical goes once it’s absorbed through your skin?  It goes right to your liver!  So why would you use it?  Especially, if the World Health Organization considers this extremely hazardous to your health.

Organic Cotton Balls are not that much more expensive compared to the toxic ones you’ve been buying.  You may purchase them at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target and most all Health Food Stores.  Make the change!  It’s one less chemical that will wreak havoc on your health.  Next time you go shopping pick this up below.


At night after I wash my face with Reverse Osmosis Water, I will pat dry my face with a towel and wet my Organic Cotton Balls with Witch Hazel.  The Witch Hazel Plant has been around for centuries and was used for many things.  One thing it’s great for is shrinking pores, diminishing blemishes and brightening skin.  It works wonders for oily skin and anyone that’s had skin damage.  The natural high levels of polyphenols that come from the plant act as a natural antioxidant, which helps against free radical damage.  I think you need to pick this astringent up next time you’re at your local Health Food Store and stop using other toxic so called astringents that strip your skin.


Start the New Year out right by making small changes each week.  Keep in mind…laughter, not worrying, organic food, sleep, less alcohol, sweating, faith in God, good digestion, positive people and no smoking are simple ways to clean your insides up.  The benefit to that is healthier skin.

God Bless!




Are you on a budget?  Are you going to a Potluck Dinner and need a dish?  Are you cooking for a family of 4 and need something with taste and flavor?  Maybe you’re a single guy and want to impress your date with a romantic dinner for two? I have something special for you!


Everyone loves Italian Food!  You can’t argue with me about that!  It’s not because I’m Italian, but it’s honestly mouth watering food if cooked properly with the right Organic Ingredients.  You don’t have to be Italian to put together a simple Italian Dish.

My Nana always taught me that if you have a few simple ingredients in your house, you can make a low cost dish taste expensive without breaking your wallet.  You can even make it healthy by using Organic Products and not feel over the top stuffed after eating a few bites.

So what’s in my “Poor Man’s Italian Dish?”



1-2 tablespoons of Organic Olive Oil (Colavita Olive Oil Organic)

1-2 tablespoons of Organic Minced Garlic

1 whole Organic White Onion Chopped

4-6 medium Roma Tomatoes mashed or chopped

6-10 Organic Basil Leaves chopped or whole

1 teaspoon of Organic Garlic Salt

dash of sea salt

1 box of Ancient Harvest Organic Gluten Free Pasta (serves 2-4 people)


Boil a medium size pot of water for your pasta on high.  While that’s heating up, heat a medium size cooking pan on medium heat.  Place your olive oil in your pan.  Once it begins to heat and bubble slightly, place your minced garlic and chopped onions in pan.  Brown your garlic and onions. Cut up your tomatoes and add them to your pan. Mix and sprinkle a little bit of your garlic salt.  Lower heat to low on your pan.  Place your Ancient Harvest Gluten Free Pasta in your boiling water.  You may add a dash of sea salt to your water.  Boil pasta on high for about 5-6 minutes or until it’s “al dente”  meaning cook it until it’s not all the way soft, but still has a slight bite to it.  Once pasta is cooked, drain in a strainer over the sink.  Add pasta to pan and increase heat for about 2 minutes by mixing pasta with pan ingredients.  Chop up some of your basil and mix into the pan.  If pasta seems dry to you, you may drizzle a small amount of olive oil over it, or add more tomatoes if needed.  Once everything is mixed together, turn off stove and serve.  You may add any organic grated cheese if you like.  There’s enough flavor on it’s own to not have to add cheese to save calories.  Enjoy!

Here’s a few of my Italian Family members enjoying the dish I just shared with you.  My Mom made Organic Sausage and Peppers on the side with a salad that night as well.  We even had some Organic Wine.


Pick up some Organic Wine and dump your Chemical filled wine that has “Sulfites” at once!





Do you have low energy?  Yes?  I have the perfect dish for you!


Come with me and enjoy this tasty and delicious Liver Recipe with hardly any calories….


I’m going to make this article short and sweet because I know a lot of you are very busy this time of the year.  What does being busy equal?  It equals HIGH STRESS!  I wish I could get my hands on all of you and massage it out of you, but I will have to settle on passing this butt kicking recipe over your way.

High Stress results in depleted Vitamin A in the body as well as B Vitamins.  You can’t survive without these vitamins if you’re running a hectic lifestyle. When there’s demand, we must supply…. and Organic Beef Liver does just that.

What’s in it?


3-4 Sprays of Organic Olive Oil

3-4 Cloves of Organic Garlic Chopped

1/2 of Organic White Onion Chopped

5-6 Organic Bella Mushrooms Chopped

4 ounces of Organic Beef Liver Chopped Small

1-2 small Organic Roma Tomatoes Chopped

1 Packet of Miracle Noodles or GMO Free Tofu Noodles (drained)

4-5 Organic Basil Leaves

1/2 of Organic Lime drizzled

A pinch of Sea Salt


Heat your pan to medium-high heat.  Spray your pan with Organic Olive Oil Spray.  Have your onions, garlic and mushrooms all chopped.  Once pan is heated, place them in pan and brown.  Once they’re browned, lower to medium heat and place your chopped liver in the pan.  Stir and mix with other ingredients that are in there already.  Once your meat is totally brown, add your tomatoes and stir.  Let that all cook for about 5 minutes.  While that’s cooking, empty out your Miracle Noodles or Tofu Noodles in a strainer and rinse them under filtered water.  Once they’re cleaned, add them to your pan and mix with the rest of the food.  Add in your basil leaves and salt.  Once the noodles are cooked, drizzle the whole dish with some lime if you wish.  Place food on a dish and ready to serve.

Purpose of Dish:

This dish is perfect if you have Adrenal Fatigue, Low Iron and Depression.  Today many people eat only muscle meat and ignore all the needed benefits of Organ Meats.  Organ Meats in many cultures are the staple meats because they know the benefits.  Be sure to eat ONLY ORGANIC LIVER, which can be purchased at most Health Food Stores and some neighborhood grocery stores.  Beef Liver is high in Iron, Vitamin A, E, K and B Vitamins.  Enjoy!








10 Tips to Muscle Recovery


… you’re 3 months into your workout after battling long work hours, taking care of kids and trying to keep a house clean.  You’ve made it at least 4 days a week to the gym without skipping a beat and you’ve been noticing some stellar changes in your physique.  Well, congrats!! Positive vibes are all around you and nothing is going to prevent you from your next fitness goals right?? Until…..

One night you find yourself having to bend over like a 90 year old woman just to tie your shoe because you did too many heavy deadlifts in a Crossfit Class!  Does this sound like you?  What about your shoulder that possibly burns when you try lifting it laterally out to the side, or above your head from doing too many bench presses without stretching properly?  How about your abdominal area that’s become so constricted from too many core exercises and is now causing major groin pain?

I’m your classic stubborn old school die hard when it comes to not missing a workout no matter where I’m at.  I love how exercise makes me feel, not only physically from the endorphins, but also mentally after a long day of work.  But, what if all of us did nothing to enhance recovery after a strenuous session of weight lifting, or even long distance running?  Don’t you think at some point something will change and limit your progress?  Yes, I think it would.

What if you’re someone new to this whole exercise world and become injured?  Can you afford to miss work?  Can you afford to put the weight back on that you worked so hard to take off?  My guess is probably no! Who has time for that?

I’ve forced myself over the years into resting against my will.  If anyone knows soreness it’s me.  I’ve done everything from teaching aerobics on bad wood floors in gyms, to lifting heavy weights in my own exercise program and performing hundreds of deep tissue massages on my clients for the last 24 years.  If I don’t rest, I don’t make money.  So what can I share with you??  Listed below is a small list of practices that I never miss in my quest to stay injury free.  Recovery is important and you will make greater gains in any exercise program if you prevent acid build up in the tissues.  Sometimes less is more. Check this out and see about incorporating some into your week.


fullsizerender-731. Get a MASSAGE

Massage will not only feel good, but it will enhance total body circulation by decreasing how sore you really would be if you didn’t. It will speed up recovery and help you to make greater gains by even increasing your flexibility.  So book a good massage!

2. Drink Magnesium Powder at night

Magnesium I speak a lot about.  I truly believe that all of us are so deficient in this mineral whether you exercise or don’t.  Magnesium will help relax your tight muscles and also help you sleep deeper at night.  Pick up Garden of Life Magnesium Powder at Wholefoods or your local Health Food Store.

3. Hot Sauna

I love using my Sauna at the gym after lifting heavy weights.  It not only mentally relaxes me, but sweating out toxins from the environment sounds even better to me.  Use the sauna no longer than 20 minutes, and be sure to rehydrate extra afterwards to avoid dehydration.

4.  Light Cardio Cool Down

I will always try and walk at least 10 minutes slow after a hard core 6 mile run or even after a heavy session of lifting weights.  It will slow your heart rate down and help move along any acid hanging out in the muscles.  It’s very easy to do before you end with some stretching.

5.  Rub Organic Peppermint Oil On Joints

I love Peppermint Oil!  Peppermint Oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, which helps alleviate pain and inflammation. I will usually rub it around my hips, ankles, wrists and even abdomen before a day of physical work and before most of my workouts.  Try it!

6.  Buy Proteolytic Enzymes

Enzymes are so very important for every cell function in your body.  If you’re eating a lot of protein, or even lifting a lot of weights…these enzymes are like little Pac Men eating away at any unwanted fibrin in the body.  They’ve been known to help shrink cysts and fibroid tumors in the body.  I will usually take mine on an empty stomach every morning before I eat with lime water.

7.  Eat enough Lean Proteins

If you’re exercising and want to build any kind of muscle, you need your healthy lean proteins.  I will usually eat meats that are easy to digest and are organic. I will eat Wild Organic Turkey, Wild Flounder and sparingly eat Organic Lamb. Make sure you’re getting enough to supply the demand being put on your body based on your weight and activity level.

9.  Good Old Stretching

If you’re like me and don’t have the time for a full yoga class, than basic stretching of all your large muscles at home or at the gym is very easy to do.  Make time after your workout to play some chill music and zone out while your muscles relax.  Try and hold all your stretches for a least 30 to 60 seconds.

10.  Drink plenty of WATER

Sometimes it’s hard to drink water if you’re not thirsty.  But, if you’re working out and sweating like a pig…you need WATER!  I always have water ready to go when I’m at the gym and ready afterwards on my drive home.  Water will help flush out toxins from your training and will also increase your metabolism.


There’s my top 10 list for now.  I’m hoping to add Cryotherapy to my regimen this year.  I will keep all of you posted on those treatments and other helpful tips  that may help any of you that suffer from tissue damage.

Much Love!