Group Health Coaching For Businesses

Total wellness at work.

For close to two decades, we’ve been working with major corporations and small companies in the
Tampa Bay Area to help their associates feel better. As the years go by, more and more organizations
are discovering how company-supported wellness programs positively affect not just individual
associates, but their company. Bringing associate wellness programs to your location, we can help
improve the overall work environment by reducing stress, preventing sickness and helping decrease
healthcare costs, meanwhile the program also helps to raise associate attendance while increasing
energy and mood. Here’s how we help:

On-site massage

o Gentle chair and table massage therapy for small and large groups
o Relieve pain and tension from employees sitting long hours at a desk
o Boost office morale and give employees something positive to look forward to
Group wellness classes
o Tools and ideas to manage nutrition, stress, exercise and body mechanics
o 4 – 6 classes, 60 minutes each
o Can be booked as a “lunch and learn” event or end-of-week treat

Private, online personal coaching

o Online recipes
o Exercises and stretches
o Self-massage techniques
Whether in an office setting or even in a home, group health coaching is perfect for those who like to
feel motivated with others reaching for the same overall goals. Our wellness classes are open to all
group sizes and cover food shopping advice, exercise plans, nutrition information, tips for managing
stress, as well as live cooking demonstrations with food tastings.

Free consultation

Reach out for detailed package information and to understand exactly how we can help your group. Contact