Individual Health Coaching

One-on-one guidance.

It’s not about what diet or exercise program works. It’s about what works for you. Working with you
as a partner in your wellness, we’ll take the time to understand your concerns and goals to help you
address a wide variety of needs through a personal plan. Through education, nutrition management,
exercise and massage, we can help you:
● Detox your body
● Increase energy
● Decrease pain
● Sleep well
● Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
● Lift depression
● Balance hormones


Need a plan?


We can help whether you’re sedentary and sitting at a computer all day, active but have a bad diet,
suffer inflammation from an autoimmune disease or digestive issues, or just want to be healthier for
yourself and your family. Our individual health coaching plans teach behavior modification through
nutrition, exercise, stress management and wise choices based on your unique lifestyle. Since we all
have a different schedule, body type, personality and goals, not every plan works for every person.
Individual health coaching provide personal attention to you and your needs … no matter what stage
you’re at in your life.
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