Reduce stress.


Does your office have high stress, long hours and fast deadlines? It’s no secret that the human touch
is a powerful healing tool. With on-site massage, we can transform a conference room into an instant
day spa for your associates.

There’s nothing more rewarding than providing a healthy treat or stress-free break for people that
you care about. That’s why we bring massage to your company, event or convention for associates
and attendees to enjoy. Both by chair and table, our massage therapy heals by lowering stress,
alleviating tension from long hours of sitting, and improving focus.

More and more companies are finding that massage in the workplace through a company-sanctioned
program helps boost associates’ morale, increase attendance and lower healthcare costs. And, group
discounts mean that each participating employee enjoys a lower rate. Book a massage therapist for a
special occasion, weekly treat, bi-weekly program, or monthly activity for your office today.

Want to know more?

Reach out for information that your human resources team or office manager can review, at no cost
or obligation. On-site group massages are currently only booked in the Tampa Bay Area (including
Hillsborough and Pinellas counties).