Your favorite time of the month as a WOMAN!  Bring on the PMS!!!!

I actually have a really big smile on my face as I’m writing this post.  I’m thinking back to the days when PMS ruled my life.  If you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’re a man reading this, maybe you know of a woman who needs to read this? 

I have so many PMS stories in my PMS bank!  Clients and friends over the years have shared so many crazy PMS stories it’s silly.  I had a friend share with me a PMS story not too long ago.  She was trying to find a parking space at the mall to buy a gift for a friend.  She was on her lunch break and was really pressed for time.  She couldn’t seem to find a space as she kept driving around over and over. As she was frantically looking, she happened to come upon this small truck that actually took up two spaces.  Instead of her trying to find another space, she proceeded to pull out a piece of paper and wrote a letter to the truck owner to let him know how much of a jerk off he was.  This letter wasn’t a short letter either.  She wrote him a page long letter explaining the inconvenience this parking issue had caused her.  She than taped the letter to the truck and drove away laughing.  I laughed when she told me what she did.  She had mentioned to me she becomes really irritated a week before she gets her period.  That poor man who owned the truck just happened to be her PMS target that particular day.  I wonder what he thought when he came out of the mall and read that letter on his truck?

I heard of another story of a woman who was first married to her husband.  She wanted to impress him by making him her first lasagna.  She was pretty young at the time and moved into a new house with a new stove that she wasn’t used to.  She spent a lot of time preparing the dinner and was really excited for her new husband to come home.  She placed the lasagna in the oven and called her husband to let him know she had a special dinner in the oven when he would arrive home.  When her husband raced home to try this wonderful meal with great anticipation, she pulled the lasagna out of the oven…..she cut him a very large piece and awaited his compliment.  As he put the food in his mouth, he quickly spit the fork full of lasagna out onto the plate.  He said it wasn’t cooked!  Instead of the young woman responding back in a normal manner, she and her PMS took the whole pan of lasagna and threw it down a flight of stairs. Food, glass and all!  She didn’t?? Yes, she did!!!  Would she have done something like this any other time?  Probably not!  But, PMS ruled that night. 

I’ve heard of many other stories of women who were ready to divorce their husbands over silly things, or them getting offended by people who wouldn’t typically offend them.  Women tend to make crazy decisions a week before their period, they can eat anything that’s loaded with sugar and salt, they can cry at the drop of a hat and even question life in general.  Some women even suffer major depression around that time as well.  Everything from weight gain, feeling bloated, feeling emotionally unstable, insomnia, acne, headaches and fatigue….all can wreak havoc on your daily life.  So what can you do?  I feel like I’ve mastered my hormones over the years through food, exercise, sleep and stress management.  Let me share with you some of the things that I’ve taken out and added in.  Maybe you will try a few and see if any of these changes will help you.  Check this out…..


1. Alcohol (wine, beer, mixed drinks)

2. Caffeine (decrease, or eliminate)

3. Avoid heavy workouts

4.  Avoid heavy meats (pork and beef)

5. Avoid stressful people and situations

6. Avoid heavy salts and sugars

7. Avoid going out to eat

8. Avoid going to bed too late

9. Avoid over committing yourself to social and work functions

10. Avoid skipping meals

11. Avoid all news media

12. Avoid wearing tight clothes

13. Heavy carbs

14. Avoid or lessen over the counter drugs and prescription drugs

15. Avoid heavy chemicals (cosmetics and cleaning products)


1. Increase your steady state low impact cardio (walking, jogging, walk-run)

2. Increase your Calcium and Magnesium intake

3. Increase your vitamin D and B vitamins

4. Increase your water consumption

5. Add in more water veggies and raw foods

6. Replace heavy meats with white wild fishes

There you have it!  These are really simple things to incorporate into your PMS week.  Try them out and let me know if you see a difference.  Also, if you’ve had many years of being on birth control, or have had issues with anger and emotional stress…your liver might be a little sluggish and you might need to detox by eliminating certain foods, alcohol and drugs to help with long term benefits if you suffer from PMS.  Check your local area for a good Naturopathic Doctor who will direct you and advise you in ways that most Conventional Doctors won’t.  Listen to your body ladies and be smart….